Reusable Triangular Corner Shelves - 2 Pack

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Reusable Triangular Corner Shelves - 2 Pack
$7.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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I’m laughing so hard it hurts. lol

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hahahaha, same here…

reusable corner shelves, what else do you need?!

Good thing I bought some gloves to hang my shelves! Oh happy Day!

So how do they install?

These were on Moofi a while back. They work by squeezing small pins into your wall corners. They are toolless, but will leave small marks when removed (easily covered with a bit of paint, or they are small enough to ignore).

Oh look! White toast… and burnt toast.

“The triangle is a foundation to an offense.”

I don’t think we are that lucky. Are they trying to run out of steam?

looked at the pictures briefly and it looks like it is pressure that keeps it attached.

Maybe another fertility kit. Better yet, cedar wraps, wagner paint sprayer, and a deathstar composter.

Now Woot mocks us; they are showing us contempt.

Will these work in my igloo?


i am putting my self in time out for this woot…good night.

max weight limit is about 1 pound, these are not good

Yes. Seriously. They must despise us. Or they are laughing at our frustration.

I actually like the idea of these, if I had cash to spare I’d actually be on for one. As it stands though, I don’t. Hell, I’m sitting on a desk chair of cardboard boxes currently at a desk made from a broken tv cabinet topper, a random counter sample, a cardboard box, and some plastic storage drawers. So I think I can mcguyver my own corner shelves if I really needed them.