Reusable Triangular Corner Shelves - 2 Pack

It’s a winner…
ABS plastic construction

Nothing but the best.

I’ll give them a shot.

What is this I don’t even

What is this, I don’t even…

No, riveting is not required.

probably has a BOC hidden on it!

LOW tech!


i dont even, what is this

I’m just glad they are re-usable.

I asked myself who would buy this. Then I bought it.

so i guess i didn’t miss the Britches of Camouflage while i was being a goodytwoshoes and trying to answer a q about the xoom.

what foul magic causes these to support themselves, much less flowerpots?


Thanks for the review!

In for 3 pairs. This is a big time saver compared to driving out to a local hardware store or IKEA and assembling a proper shelf. I doubt it will hold much but no biggie.

Not really. These things stick to the corner like magic! Shelf Technology FTW!

As long as the “decorative porpoises” aren’t too heavy!

Combined these shelves with the kidswoot toy cows and you have the weakest woot pairing on all time…Moo.

Lord, why have you deserted me?

Can’t use it in my dorm. My walls are concrete cinder blocks!

I feel like we should hug now