Reusable Triangular Corner Shelves - 2 Pack

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Reusable Triangular Corner Shelves - 2 Pack
$3.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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Well, no one can accuse them of being squares.

Unless you stick two of them together.

not this

Doesn’t come in blue! :frowning:

Oh, yeah, sure. Don’t hold an item while I enter my credit info! Geeze. I wanted a drill, not a dang shelf!

Calling all Black Triangles…

Buy a bunch for your cat!!

Dang…I only have round corners in my home.

Bring the Hitachi back please. Thanks.

Got some of these last time, they are actually pretty cool (in the sort of way that a plastic shelf can be cool). I’m in for another pack.

one color for boner pills, one color for miracle berry pills

Will these work in cube walls?

I don’t even know what to think…

its like an over sized game of tanograms!

I got these a couple weeks back from a previous Woot!

They are marvelous, install in a minute flat, and look GREAT!
Make sure your walls are exactly square though; I wanted to install mine in a recently finished room, and it was slightly difficult in one spot.
I’ve gotta give my contractors a call about that one.

“Not for use on ceramic, concrete, or marble”

Well, that’s just ducky. I live in a poured concrete and cinder block house with plaster over the interior bricks.

Ahh, well.

I was thinking that $3.99 was a bit steep. But then I saw that the description says “reusable”

I got these when they were on Moofi a while back. They are as advertised. Put one in the bathroom to hold toothbrushes and such, very easy! Haven’t found a spot for the other one though. Good utility for the price!

If you have to try too hard to find a potential use for something…you DO NOT need it…like some random triangle shelves