Revell Creative Masters 1969 Camaro Yenko/SC

These are a showstopper for your desk. Also, you would be amazed at the mileage these things get.

Can you really replace a tire with the spare in the trunk?

these are selling like hotcakes on ebay.

this woot will likely lower the ebay resale value, but it might still be worth it.

They do look great on desks or are great gifts for car collector friends (or enemies when loaded with explosives)

Will the 68 SS Chevelle’s be out tomorrow?

Nice! As a die-cast car collector, it is about time Woot! offered up a few! How about some Mopars next time around? =D

Some info on Yenko Cameros. Also appeared in 2Fast2Furious movie.

i’m a sucker for a “cool thing on the work desk” as much as the next guy/chick, but i prefer to spend $8 or less on a “cool thing to look at/play with” thing.

Gotta love the Camaro… if it was 2010 model I know of a buyer for sure. Thanks!

Tsk, woot forgot to include a reference object to demonstrate scale.

Product Website

Review at diecast

I went to college with John Scott Skelly 3rd, the scion of Skelly Oil, a small west Texas oil company. Had quite a few gas stations at one time.

Any how, Scottie was a bit wild (not unusual for spoiled rich kids) but over all a nice guy. He had one of those. IMS it looked just like the yellow one. We palled around a good bit so I got to ride in the thing. Ran like a scalded cat and sounded like a wildcat was being sucked into the intakes when you tromped it.

Summer vacation of my freshman year Scottie wrecked the car going something over 120. Killed himself. Missed getting to ride in that great car. Missed Scottie, too.

Just to be clear, these models do NOT require any assembly and have diecast metal bodies, not plastic, right?

Hell yes!

How can I purchase a 2nd one after purchasing one?
I get the message “This account has already made this purchase.”
I want a green one also after considering the purchase.

In for 3, so now between these and the Crayola Fusion, my coupons are already gone!!!

Dang…in the beginning you needed to request “2” then select on of each color. Now that you already used your limit of one purchase a day…I don’t think there’s a way to revise your order. I think you need to make-up another account (and use a different source of funds or credit card). You’ll have to pay for shipping again… :frowning: … I think.

I found the answer. You are only allowed 1 order per account,per day. OOPS!!!

Thanks Roy!! I didn’t want the Green one until I saw an Enlarged pic AFTER my purchase.
Guess I need to be a bit less “picky”…LOL