Revell Creative Masters 1969 Camaro Yenko/SC

bitchin camaro, bitchin camaro, i ran over my neighbor.

I think I’ll hold out for the real thing, refurbished is fine, w00t.

(Either color will look delicious with my red hair…hint, hint.)

Bitchin Camaro!

Do I have enough time to go get some breakfast?

I can whittle one of these out of a block of wood with one of them knives I bought earlier.

This is a nice car. Would make a great Xmas gift for my son, but I bought the Mach 5 earlier in the year.

Son is about to turn 16. Maybe I should get him one for his birthday…

if only it were the real deal for 14.99…

If it would of been a Pinto in green I would of got one .

Useless to me. I’m trying to purge our house of junk, not add to it. I want bedspreads, sheets, window treatments, and rugs…when are you opening Home.Woot?!

Woot Off Killer!

How long will it take for my new kitchen torch to melt one of these down?

Good a time as any to go make breakfast.

Underrated Camaro song. Go Lil Camaro, Go w/ Debbie Harry.


I assume these cars are already assembled. Aren’t they? Is ure don’t have time or patience to build anymore.

in for 1. It just so happens my sister-in-law’s new boyfriend is a model car fanatic… this will work quite nicely come xmas time.

…or an AMC Pacer, eh?

I have one of these but Revell made a mistake and forgot to put racing stripes on it.

Not a problem now that I bought that panini grill.

It is cheaper than my current car payment, but doesn’t seem roomy enough… What kind of MPG does it get?