Revenge of the Damsels

This would make a better movie than SuckerPunch, although that isn’t saying much.

To be fair, wasn’t Goldilocks the antagonist in the three bears story? She broke into their house!

Dang, Snow White is brutal. The other two are using blades to take down their nemisis, whilst Ms. White uses a shotgun on a little old lady.

I wonder how many Kids’ sizes of this shirt will sell? :slight_smile:

Snow white, Little Red Riding Hood… Who’s the blondie in the middle?

I want to take “When To Sing And When To Fight (And When To Sing About Fighting)”

Where can I sign up?

Goldilocks doesn’t look like she knows how to use a blade.

It’s probably a bad thing that the first thing I thought of was Kingdom Hearts.

Definitely getting a strong “Fables” vibe from this one!

i got one for my younger sister :smiley:

I would totally watch this movie, by the way. It’s got a definite Tarantino vibe to it.

What crazy mixed up world is this? Goldilocks is guilty of breaking and entering, she steals food, vandalizes a baby chair–and now she’ll be guilty of hunting without a lisence!

Messed up I tell ya.

Is this the new Charlie’s Angels?

This is how the heroine huffs and puffs and shoots things up.

A movie you say? Like the princesses in Shrek the Third?

Am I the only one bothered by the fact that Snow White isn’t a fairy tale? She is the one that “isn’t like the others” in this scenario?

Goldilocks w/bear OK
Red Riding Hood w/wolf OK

but then Snow White?!

It would have been better with a third non-Disney fairy tale maiden in distress…

Either that or make the other two Ariel and Cinderella, cause from far away they look like that anyway. (Unless it is a copyright problem)

EDIT Ok, I know that technically Snow White IS a fairy tale… however, she is also a Disney movie and dressed as she is in the t-shirt she looks like the Disney movie. The other two are not Disney movies, and look very similar to Ariel and Cinderella. It just looks weird to me.

I almost want to get this shirt just to see how the shadow textures look in person. Looks pretty impressive for a screenprinted design, at least from the preview.

awesome! Got one for me, my daughter and my mom.

great looking shirt and I love the design.