Revere® Copper Clad™ 7-Pc Cookware Set

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Revere? Copper Clad? 7-Pc Cookware Set
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4.4 Stars over at Wayfair

My grandma had this set, for a LOOOONG time. It held up to countless large family gatherings, as well as being used as a percussion set by my younger cousins.

And copper-bottoms rock.

You, too, manhandsha? I wound up inheriting 5/7ths of this set from my grandma, and now I’ve had it probably twenty years or so now, myself, and it’s still going strong.

Mine is so old, though… How old is it?! It’s so old that the handles pre-date this phenolic material, and are probably made out of mastodon hide or something.

If I weren’t in need of other sized pieces, I’d have zero hesitation in picking this set up again.

Edit: If the Wooters down below are correct and this current set is not made up to the same snuff that my grandma’s old RevereWare was, then clearly I can’t speak about this particular set. All I know is that the old ones (which included a smaller frying pan instead of the larger sauce pot) were and still are a fantastic set of cookware.

These might looked to be identical to ones they got pass-down from their grandparents, but they might not be made in the USA versions.
The last time I was at an outlet store that was selling these, they were thinner and constructed slightly different from older version and not made in America.

They got a poor review on Amazon - I was considering the purchase until I read it - not manufactured in the US, very thin clad copper, bottoms buckle up or down. IOW not up to their fifty years ago snuff. Snuff said.

My sentiments exactly! Need to shop the thrift store for the good stuff. They just don’t make it anymore. sad

I’ve used RevereWare for years now but mine don’t have thin bottoms. They are copper covered by thick aluminum. They heat quickly and evenly. I’ve used my saute pans almost daily for 15 years and they are still in great condition. Great cookware for the money. But I’m not so sure about the new ones. Too many bad reviews about quality. I guess they just don’t make them like the used too. If they still make a better quality set, I would consider buying them.

Eggszackly correct! These are NOT your Grandma’s Revereware — I have a whole bunch of MY Grandma’s, and these ain’t them. Very thin stainless steel, wobbly plastic (not Bakelite) handles, lids not precision-fit — check out eBay and the thrift stores for the REAL stuff!

Wanted this real bad i am sure Paul Revere would have been proud to have these made in Indonesia the great American ways of doing business

I worked for Revere when in Clinton Ill. The plant shut down in the 90s. This is low quality made overseas. The copper is an homage to the past vs. Anything you will notice

Look for the Clinton, Illinois stamp on the bottom for the real stuff.

Absolutely! I’ve been a collector of old cookware, dishes and stuff, and the new is nowhere near the quality of the old. This is true of a lot of stainless steel items–old (like 50s and 60s) mixing bowls, dog dishes, serving trays and the like last forever and still look good. New stuff dents if you bump it hard and gets pits and corroded spots. Flea markets and yard sales too.

I learned to cook on 50’s vintage Revere Ware. When I got some pieces in the 70s they were already lighter gauge. Sounds like the current version is even flimsier. Pots need heft to retain heat, and by all accounts these aren’t up to snuff.

We have the old good stuff,too. It has Rome,NY stamped on the bottom.

Will they work with an induction cooktop? My guess is “no”, but the sure fire way to tell is if a magnet sticks to the bottom.

If you have a set of these will a magnet sick to it?