Revere® Cookware

Anyone know anything about this kettle?

These amazon reviews are not positive. They say the copper is thin for this line, and the lids do not fit. Other issues include staining easily. You decide.


My mom still uses her set from the 50’s.
But I fear they are no longer made the same, or even in the same place.

Absolutely not the same! I’m still using mine that I bought in 1982, but had to replace the 1 quart saucepan. They’re made in China now, and the copper bottom can hardly be called copper. Add to that the fact that the handle on the top has come off after a few years of sporadic use.

I had one of the kettles and after a couple of years it started leaking from the seam around the bottom.

Can’t recommend any of these products. Your best bet is to hit yard sales.

I have to agree. I have numerous older Revere pieces from numerous factories in the USA and one from China. The Chinese model is a 12" Revere ProLine fry pan bought from Wally World about 18 years ago for around $70. It’s also very high quality but everything I see now comes nowhere close. Cheap construction and thin copper bases seems to be the norm for new items. I’m still searching for one of their 1930’s Deep Well pots for my old Chambers range.

FWIW, I still use a Revere original design, 75+ yr. old copper tea kettle from the Rome, NY. factory. It’s a little banged up but still works like a champ and even looks remarkably good when polished. I will soon be looking for someone to re-tin the inside, done the last time in the ‘70’s, so I can continue using it forever and then hand it down.