Reverse Open Wind-Proof Umbrella

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Reverse Open Wind-Proof Umbrella
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Purchased this umbrella in February. Used it for the second time last week and it refused to open all the way. When I finally got it open all the way it wouldn’t close at all. Had to stuff it into the back of my truck.:frowning:

Thanks for the feedback. My sister had some brand from QVC that’s stands up by itself. This looks like a knock off.

Was about to pull the trigger and then read your review. Thanks for saving me some money!

I just came here to comment something similar! One of the greatest things of the original version is that it stands up on its own, as well as the handle that you can hang from something, or hang bags from while using. This is a poor imitation, although it looks like it is a smaller size when folded up which would make it easier for storing.

Checked out the one from QVC. Seems to have poor reviews as well. A good concept that apparently still needs some refining.

Is this a knock off of the Swiss Tek one that was sold on woot a few times?

Your description sounds like the one I bought from woot a few weeks ago. It opens “in reverse” like this one, but has the curved handle, and can stand up on its own. I haven’t had opportunity to use it yet so I can’t speak to its durability or such.

I bought 2 of the SwissTek a couple of weeks ago. They have the curved handle. We’ve used them a couple of times and really like them. They do stand up on their own.

How could this be a knock-off when it says Better Brella?