Reverse Tarzan

*My ticket into the Shirts on Sale Sad Rat Race

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Do you guys just HATE my money, or…? What’s the matter with you. I don’t want a gigantic monkeyhead with a bowler in sepia tone on my shirt.

Congrats on the print Jon!

Grats Jon!!! Nice to see you got a daily since you didn’t win the derby!!

I still want your clocks… :frowning:

Seurat the dot greatness on cream!!..hmmmm

I have so been waiting for a monkey-wearing-a-bowling-hat-with-a-tie-and-suit design. Awesome!

(Congrats on the print! :slight_smile: )

Huzzah, a Von Monkey original!

LOL whys my face on there

Reminds me of this one, which I should have bought.

edit: On the fence with this one… too many shirts already to work into a good rotation.

monkeys scare me, i’ll pass.

The design itself isn’t bad but who would want to wear this on a shirt?!

Congrats, Jon. I’d still love to grace my walls with a print of either Helium or Mandelion.

agreed, nice design, not something i wish to adorn on my chest. pass.

Oh, I do love this, i do i do. But am I in love with it? That remains to be seen.

EDIT: remembered that i dropped $15 on a spiffy new hat for my Halloween costume this afternoon. I think that makes my decision for me.

Reminds me of the short story “A Report to an Academy” by Franz Kafka.

That said, not interested.

‘Cream’ is the cream on top of the poo-sundae that is this shirt.

Hopefully the stippling will render on the shirts as nicely as it appears online.

Should sell better than yesterdays shirt - only 314 for the sad comic.

…At least it’s interesting.

Beautiful. Thanks for the chuckles. I bought a shirt already this week!