Reversible Furniture Protectors-3 Sizes

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Reversible Furniture Protectors-3 Sizes
Price: $19.99 - 24.99
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Condition: New


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At least they look more inviting than the plastic covers my grandmother used to put on her furniture!

this is like a fedora for a chair.

Do these secure to the furniture or just slide off like the ones purchased and returned.

Lets just say every time you sit on these, expect to spend the next few minutes adjusting the arm rests.
Get up…rinse and repeat…etc…etc…

if it just had a way to keep it from sliding…

As Seen On TV!!! I don’t trust ‘As Seen…’ stuff.

Hey now! That Egg Cracker thing I got for the BOCs is great!

Not worth it unless you place them on a fabric-covered chair or sofa. I’ve tried these on leather and they slip right off. Surprised the dog, who thereafter refused to have anything to do with them.

They work really well, so long as you never sit on them. They have no way to stay in place. we folded our into a cat bed. Cat likes them.

Exactly our experience.
Only it was a cat.

Do they slip and slide? Do they ever… we’ve tried velcro, safety pins, everything, with no luck. Every time you sit down, the cover slides, necessitating a readjustment. Sit down, readjust, repeat the process. Ours is about to be re-purposed as a garage cover.

This will cause irreversible damage to your social life.

Well since our pets use the furniture 90% more than we do, I’m giving them a try to see if they will save wear and tear. Will just remove when we use the furniture. Maybe it will be a little less FURniture?

What a nice way to add that white trash element to otherwise nice furniture.

Here’s an idea. Has anyone ever put one of the non-slip rug gripper pads under these covers? Seems like that could work.

Hey now, stop with the hate…

These are some classy goods. Just what we’ve been looking for. Will cover up the Cheetos stains and rub-wear spots where pa sits all waking hours. We oughta be able to get another 25 years out of our recliners with these!

Wondering if it might work on a rear bench seat. Easy to remove for dog/no dog situations.

Very poor quality. ordered one before on woot. Picture looks a lot better than the cover. Very thin, definitely does not stay in place. One of my very few Woot disappointments.