Reversible Waterproof Furniture Covers

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Reversible Waterproof Furniture Covers
Price: $19.99 - 29.99
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5/18/2015 - $19.99 - 29.99

Hoping someone from woot staff or the manufacturer or a fellow wooter can answer… What makes these waterproof? Is there a plastic layer inside the polyester? Plain old regular polyester is not waterproof. Would these work for an elderly incontinent relative? We’ve been using a layer of plastic covered with a towel, but these would look so much nicer. Thanks in advance!!

Who makes these? Any links to Amazon for reviews?

Great if Poppie is coming to visit !

I’d be in for one of the love-seat sized covers for my double-recliner couch (AKA the “sticky-couch”, since the pleather vinyl is de-plasticizing and on a warm day, things/people must be peeled off), but there’s not a split at the center of the cover to handle the “one reclined and one not” situation.

I should probably just get a new couch…

I purchased these the last time Woot presented them. They are NOT waterproof, they are water resistant. I found out the hard way when they didn’t prevent liquid from seeping through to my couch. The packaging they arrived in states ‘water resistant’. I now place ‘puppy pee pads’ under the covers for the protection I thought I purchased. On a positive note, the covers are well made, finished nicely and wash/dry well. Great for general furniture protection, just not waterproof.

Does anyone know how far over the back of the couch it hangs?

It depends on the size of your couch. The Specs give these dimensions for the couch cover:

Left to Right: 110 inches
Top to Bottom: 74 inches (Cushion section only)
General Dimensions: 66 inches W x 21" H

I have two of these covers and mine maybe has 6" over the top and 6" hanging over the front of the cushion.

Brings back memories of grandma’s house when I was a kid. She had all the furniture covered with clear vinyl so you could see the beautiful fabric but it would stay as clean as the day she bought it…

Now you, too, can be just like grandma! Thanks woot!

I’m sorry but sometimes we are unable to give out the manufacturer. This is to protect their presence in the marketplace for this great price.

You should be able to take the “Top to Bottom” measurement and use that to gauge how it will fall on your furniture. It will vary depending on how poofy your furniture is.

One of my neighbors when I was growing up had that in their living room. White furniture, white carpet and plastic covering. We were never allowed in that room.

What it says:
“Reversible Waterproof Furniture Covers”

What I read:

I would really like to know how Woot can continue to advertise these as waterproof when they clearly are not…

The basic idea is great. If they had my size I would grab one and give it a massive spray of 3M rug & furniture protector as a back up.

Anyone have a clue what the side to side measurement is for just the sofa cushion part?

Bought the sofa cover at local Big Lots for $29. Also available on Ebay from several reputable sellers for $29 or less with free shipping.

It looks like 66".

This deal is pretty mediocre since Groupon has the same thing for the same price with free shipping and returns.
Amazon also has this same deal, same price.