My first review on woot. Can we review here?

Well, you’ve seen them posting items on Another cheap chinese company like Deal Extreme and MeritLine. So I ordered some angry bird items for my son. Their site claims that shipping would be 10 - 20 days to the U.S. Fair enough, MeritLine and DealExtreme is about the same time length. Wrong!

I ordered an item on June 22nd. It arrived on August 1st. That’s 39 days. MeritLine and DealExtreme have never taken this long to ship items to the U.S.

-2 points on my review.

One of the items I ordered was a knock off of the Knock on Wood game, which they call Knock on Pigs game. (It was on sale for $12.99)

I opened the bag with the rubber/plastic birds and pigs and noticed a real weird smell coming from them. Like a strong chemical smell. I almost washed them off to see if it got rid of the smell, but then I started thinking “Do I really want my 4 year old son to play with this? Even if I washed it with bleach water, who knows what this stuff contains.”

-400 points on my review

Also the sling shot broke right away. I barely pulled it back and it broke.

-20 points on my review

So I went to their site on the 1st and tried to do their RMA form. Click on submit and their web page just gave me a blank page. Tried it on the morning of August 2nd. Again, a blank page. So on their Contact Us page they have a toll free number to leave a voice mail. Never got a call back but their RMA page worked later that afternoon.

I got a RMA number and have to ship it back to China. It costs more to ship it back than the thing cost! How are they shipping it to the U.S. with free shipping, delivered to me by USPS, but sending it back costs more than this stupid thing cost me total? Oh well, thats the USPS for you.

So I started looking through their site and noticed something else.
I already noticed their logo is a knock off of GoDaddy’s old logo, but on their Clearance page…

Their image is stolen from the Aldi’s web site! Except the Clearance text that was added on the left hand side.

-847684754845675 points of my review.

Oh man this company has so many things going wrong with them. I mean I’m sure all of these angry bird items are not licensed by Rovio (nothing on the tags of any of the items I purchased has anything about a copyright or anything about angry birds or Rovio) but after these things mentioned above, I am definitely not going through this company again.

I just wanted to share my experience with you guys. Watch what you order. I still have my full faith with MeritLine and though Ive had a few problems with DealExtreme, this company is going off the radar as being suspicious.

Thank you for sharing the review for our other wooters. If you could also share on Deals.woot, more people would probably see it that would benefit from it. Since there’s size limit to posts there, maybe give a summary and link them here.

Thanks again!

Deals.Woot Ask the Community

I didnt see a forum just for deal.woot except the “Ask the community” forum, which since I wasnt really asking anything, I didnt think it would fit to post on there. Am I missing another deal.woot forum somewhere?

Ask the Community, while good for asking questions (obviously), is a good place to share information with other shoppers. I think it would be excellent to share with fellow wooters. I appreciate the time you put into compiling your review.

Done! It kept wanting me to rephrase my question but after finally figuring out just clicking on the continue button will let me post it as is. Thanx for the heads up. :slight_smile:

Yeah, it’s the grammar police. LOL. Thanks again for sharing!

Just like in the United States, it does depend on who you are doing business with. If I’d never had purchased from chinese companies, I would never had gotten accessories for my cellphones which were very much needed. Also I ran into two instances of disgruntlement over products, with two different companies, and neither of them demanded I return the product in order to get a refund. They were willing to write it off as defective and let it be. One company did ask me to make an additional purchase to bring them the additional shipping fee, which I didn’t mind. It wasn’t like there wasn’t something I wanted. The second company did not send a replacement but refunded to me. Generally I get very good quality from China, and at the same time I try as much as possible to buy from American companies.

Your statements about Meritline confuse me. Despite the fact they don’t post their address, I used to live in the vicinity and pass their store. Their phone numbers are local to the store. So I think they may still be brick and mortar, and are definitely located in California. I’m certain that they do deal with companies in China, however.

Some Chinese companies offer an express option through a carrier like DHL and then it comes in about a week. But the post regular does take about three weeks, and it could be more, because these things don’t fly they sail. They sail into the Ports in California, and then have to travel in the mail here; after clearing customs. I usually feel like they can’t control the transit times.

BUT: And here’s a big but, for me. G/G advertises that they have stock in the US, so I expect to get item whatever within a few days, and then after payment clears they say, it’s in China so will take three weeks. THAT’s not okay in my opinion.

I really do appreciate your having written the review. I am glad to know I’m not fuming over them by my lonesome. I also now know that the three weeks expecting time may sometimes be over-optimistic on my part. More than a month, yikes. Imagine if it is something I really needed.

Dear woot customer, This is customer support at We always use a Seattle USPS mailbox for US customer returns and we didn’t ask any US customer to send package back to China. It is our continous effort to provide better products and services. Please use this link to open a new ticket and let me know your order number and we will follow up with you. The link is Or you can leave a message at 18883330398 with your order number and I will call you back within 24 hours. Best Regards.