review of Woot shirts


Hi, everyone: just wanted to remark on Woot products and customer service.

I ordered shirts in 2010 and am still wearing them. Very good quality, and stains have been easily removable. I did not find that they shrank.

This year, the shirts I ordered ran at least a size too small. Customer service was excellent. I’ve ordered new shirts in new sizes and fits, and don’t have to return the ones I’d already bought. I’ve ordered two sizes bigger to allow for shrinkage, since these shirts are cotton, my favorite material. I don’t know whether or not these current shirts will shrink. For example, I’m a Women’s size 8 in clothes and a M in shirts. The L shirt fit but was too form fitting for my taste. I’ve ordered an XL, Classic Fit this time.

I hope Woot will add Women’s Sizes 2XL and 3XL. Two of my women friends are very large, normally Women’s 2XL. I’ve ordered Men’s 2XL to approximate a Women’s 3XL, thinking that they will fit my friends well after shrinkage. That’s all, folks!


Thank you for the feedback! I’m glad Woot customer service was there to assist you.