Revised Title, everybody hates Math...


OK, if I’m selling 1500 widgets, and I sell one widget every 1.015 seconds on avg, then I would sell all my widgets in about 1,522.5 sec. right?
Furthermore, 1500/60 = 25 minutes w/ 22.5 sec. left over, right? At this point, shouts of “So what the hell is his point!” are forcing me to get to it.

Today’s Woot Widgets sold out in ~15 min despite selling at only 1 per 1.015 sec…

Possible Explanations: In the world of woot, much as the new day actually comes at 1am (how silly, CST is just made up) a woot minute contains 100 earth seconds?..

Or perhaps another explanation, what do you think?


Wow, not a single post on this… (to self) I wonder if that means I’m right, because if I was wrong I would expect 7 different 14 year-olds would have flamed my post with how stupid I am.


Although I’m not a 14 year old I may have a possible answer for you.

You quote “Today’s Woot Widgets sold out in ~15 min despite selling at only 1 per 1.015 sec…” If I read correctly. ORDER PACE was 1.015 sec. No info on how many widgets (of a possible three) were ordered. Could that be the explanation?


I hate math… I am sorry.


How can you not hate math? I’ve spent a good part of my life avoiding it.


Any of the explanations sound good to me. I’m just sorry I missed out on the widgets. Anybody want to trade?


I think that the point that people bought 2s and 3s of the item is the explanation. If I have some time later I’ll sit down and do the equations, but 20% bought 3, 21% bought 2, and 60% bought 1 (which also shows that the computer can’t quite add either). When i get around to doing the math, I’ll add it to my post. In the mean time I figure I should study for this damed med school test…I guess I might need to know how to diagnose all of these diseases some day…too bad random woot math is much more exciting right now!


Are you sure you’re heading down the right career path?


LOL…yeah, I’m pretty sure. I’ve wanted to do this since as long as I can remember. Its just med school that drives the desire to study right out of you. Plus I always liked math, and it might make a good study break to figure it all out!


Are these calculations written down on paper or anything else flammable?


Good grief, is this flame-throwing thing contagious? Or just a man thing? Hide your papers, jl, it might get hot.


//sets fire to time-wasting math


Never realized woot was so full of so many closet pyromaniacs!


it’s fun, you should try it…


I feel like they might not let me be a doctor then. I mean if you were a patient, I don’t think you’d want your dr running around lighting things on fire (even if it is in woot forums :slight_smile: )


Naah…most are outed already. There are still a couple in the closet, though.
//sets fire to closet


aww, c’mon, who’d know… just a little fire… everyone loves fire!


//steals dr jl’s oxygen bottles to fan flames


I do admit that it seems like it might be a great way to relieve stress… I hate that person’s post…set fire to it!


especially the spammers… one day if i’m in a really bad mood i should sit in the product thread and start burning every non-productive comment…