reVOLT Hybrid All-in-One Charger



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reVOLT Hybrid All-in-One Charger
$14.99 + $5 Standard OR $10 Two-Day OR $15 One-Day Shipping
Condition: New

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If you’re waiting for the Bag ‘o’ crap to come up, they no longer sell them during woot-offs. The only way I know to get them now is through facebook/twitter. The last time they sold one on the actual woot site that I could find was 06/26, at the beginning of a woot-off, and I think it crashed the servers for a couple of hours.


This would be awesome and I would buy it if it had at least as much power capacity as my phone (2000mAh). 800mAh is less than half a charge for me… and with the inefficiencies of charging, probably would barely get me an additional 25%.

I like the idea of always having a battery backup around though.


Would have been 10 x cooler had they added a flashlight to it!

Pretty sweet though…


Or at least a digital clock!


Nah, saw one a couple months ago but had the wrong credit card on file. Fail. Long live the bag of crap!


Not entirely true. They did 2 treasure map sellings during a woot off which required you to build a treasure map and follow them to a link to the bag of crap. The problem was someone guessed the link for the first one and posted it on a website which people then bought prior to the final piece showing up. The second time went really fast… urgh faster than I could type it in.


or a leap frog moisture detection circuit…


so dumb…i cannot tell what this thing DOES!!!


obviously i can recharge my iphone in my car…is that all it does?


Actually it was Crapbeard’s Treasure in September, where you had to piece together a treasure map. On the first day, people were able to guess the missing letter(s) and it sold out before the last map piece appeared. On the second day, the link didn’t go live until after the map was complete.

They’ve already said that there’s no Bag of Crap in the Armagedd-off, just a special link to buy a shirt.


How do they do them there? I have liked their Facebook page already.


i would also like to know what this does


Right, I remember that. They have done a couple of the side games since then as well, I believe. What I mean is one actually on the site up for sale.


Woo another perfect Christmas gift I missed on Woot 3 freaking days in a row…yay…love the holidays.