Rex the Riveter



Best. T. Rex. Short. Arm. Science. Shirt. Ever.

Really, it is!


He can finally reach stuff! And clap!


The dual visuals of little arms vs big arms are what tickle me! SO in for one.


For those who don’t recognize Rosie the Riveter:

Congratulations obvian! Your first Derby and first print! Welcome to shirt.woot: cookies on the right, haters on left, the Reckoning straight ahead!


I think the double take factor on this shirt will be high. I know the first time I saw this design it took me a moment to realize what was going on with the arms.


Science + dinosaur weekend at shirt.woot! One of those ‘natural’ combinations.

Rex does have the requisite determined attitude + posture to sell this upgrade.


Damn. I totally want this…I wish it came in black though…it’d be cool if the artists/woot offered a second option.


Thank you everyone who voted, bought giggled, roared and such. This was my first derby, and I feel pretty darn chuffed to come away with second!

Thank you all!


I’m sorry but this is amazing. Even my girl said “no, no more shirts. you have so many already.”
I then showed her the pic and she said. “Ok I see why you should have that.” BOOM instant likability thats why i love woot shirts.


I have short arms for my height, and the T-Rex jokes just keep coming at my house.

I’d be in for one, but I’ll probably get 2 or 3 for Xmas.


Nice pick, eds. Another instant classic! Will we be seeing more from you, obvian?


Bought this so frickin’ hard.


First woot shirt I have bought in a long time, great job!

Don’t mean to be that guy but in the write up shouldn’t it be “catch prey” and not “pray” as written. Though I imagine giant robo arms would help a T-Rex pray more efficiently.


I love how the T-Rex inexplicably has the Rosie the Riveter expression. I mean how does that get translated onto a thing with such a big mouth of teeth? Seriously. Big kudos to the artist.

Oh, and Woot, you guys need to print posters from this derby. I mean need to, like the world will tilt off axis or something if you don’t.


So happy with the results of this derby. I bought yesterday’s tee and couldn’t resist todays. And that the artist behind Rex the Riveter is a fellow Australian is a nice bonus!


Lemme just say, “D I N O M I T E!”


I’m not much of an all-blue-shirt kind of guy. Would be awesome of prints could come in a variety of shirt colors.



Where have I seen this before…
Oh, a comic from the writer of The Walking Dead!


I had a good feeling about this one. Congrats on your first derby and your first print, Obvian. Very well deserved print from such a talented artist! :slight_smile: