Rexing V1LG Dual Channel 1080p Dash Cam

Rexing V1LG Dual Channel 1080p Dash Cam

This is a good camera! I’ve had one for a year now, no issues.

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So this does not come with a memory card and is unusable until I supply my own memory card?

Pretty standard for all SD devices. You pick what’s best for you.

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Woot had a 16GB class 4 in clearance for $12.99 a few days ago.
Snooze ya lose.

Before anyone gets too deep into the Pros and Cons of this specific camera (or dash cams in general) I’ve been using them since I purchased my current truck new back in 2014 and have learned two very valuable lessons.

  1. Make sure that your dash cam is rated for an operating temp of at least 140F. The temp inside an enclosed car can easily and quickly rise above the operating temp of many inexpensive dash cams (especially a problem for their internal batteries) and cause an early failure. This is a lesson I learned the hard way down here in sunny Central Florida.
  2. You MUST use a “high endurance” memory card made specifically for video cameras in a harsh environment. Many of the standard flavor cards (i.e. - cheap) I’ve used have failed as quickly as one month but once I switched to a high endurance card it has been going strong for several years now.

Hope this helps.


I have this cam, it’s pretty decent. I like the rear view without having to look through the cabin. Rear cam sticks unobtrusively on the rear window. Options like speed can be disabled if you’re so inclined. My only downside is that it’s sort of okay at night. Brightly lit places, yes. My DOD Tech cam does much better at night. All in all this is a nice dash cam.

That card would not be recommended for use in a dash cam such as this one. It is only a Class 4 where many cams will only accept a Class 10 (write/rewrite speed is important especially if you are recording in 1080 resolution); 16GB is too small and you run the risk of losing important files quickly because the older stuff gets overwritten as newer footage is recorded (plus anything that gets locked and not erased also takes up space for the current video loop); and it’s not a high endurance card so if it works it will probably fail half-way through the summer regardless of where you live. Sorry but I don’t mean to be a Debbie Downer.


Have a similar Rexing cam. Got rear ended a few months after installing it and it made the whole insurance claim thing go pretty damn fast since you could clearly see the driver wasn’t looking at the road when she plowed into me. You better believe one of the first things I did when I got the new car was to install the cam in it!

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I’ve got a Rexing V1P Pro in my car and I’m very happy with it. Just a few weeks ago I captured video of the car behind me getting t-boned at an intersection after they blindly followed me through. They had been looking at their phone immediately before pulling into the oncoming car!

My v1p has 1080p resolution out the back, so can’t speak to the rear camera resolution of this V1LG dash cam. Otherwise this camera is identical to mine, and if 720p out back meets your needs, I wouldn’t hesitate.

That was sarcasm … 16gb for $12.99 was ridiculous let alone class 4.

Oh my, I’m so very, very sorry! I just didn’t recognize it and should profusely apologize to you and everyone else here!

Now THAT was sarcasm… :wink:

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