Rexing V360 360deg Dual Channel Dashcam

Rexing V360 360deg Dual Channel Dashcam

Does this camera have to be hardwired in to the vehicle’s electrical system?

Hi there. I found the manual for it. Hope this helps.

No, just plug into the cigarette lighter or power port. I ordered the $10 hardwire kit but couldn’t get it to work in any of my three vehicles. This is the response that I received from customer support:

We are sorry to hear that the hardwire kits haven’t worked so far. The hardwire kits use voltage protection feature to stop the car’s battery from dying. So if your car battery has a voltage of 11.4V or less, the hardwire kit will not transfer power to the camera. In this case, your car battery would have enough power to start your car but not enough power to bypass the voltage protection in the hardwire kit. The best way to resolve this issue is to test the hardwire kit in a different car that produces a voltage of more than 11.4V. In an attempt to figure out if the hardwire kit is defective, you can test the output with a multimeter.

I now have three V360s, one for each vehicle that I drive. It’s great to record every angle at the same time! With the rear camera installed, I can record the street ahead, the view out of both side front windows, the front seats, and what’s behind me. Viewing on the display or computer renders the 360-degree video to show the angle that you select: front; front and back (interior); front, back, and both sides; or one wide angle. You can independently pan any of the four views the entire 360 degrees and it doesn’t affect the 360-degree video that is saved.

The rear camera also doubles as a backup camera (if you hardwire the red wire to the vehicle’s reverse light, which is not mentioned anywhere) and is mirrored in the viewer by default settings. The Product Support FAQ claims that this makes it comparable to using a mirror when backing up and that “Having this enabled will not cause recorded video to be mirrored, only the display will be affected.” However, the recorded video is mirrored when the display is mirrored. Also, because the V360 mounts directly on the windshield with double-sided adhesive instead of a suction-cup mount, it’s difficult to view the video unless you duck down and crane your head. Additionally, you cannot rotate the rear camera image to allow for various mounting configurations.

The computer installation file for the V360 video player is written to your SD card and you can also download it from the V360 Product Support webpage. The website and user manual claim the Video Format is “h.264 (.MOV)” but the videos are actually saved with TS file extension. You can pan the camera angle and hear audio, but if you want to share the video, you’ll need to export the video so it can be played on other media players. Exporting a video through the “translate” function creates an MP4 video file with no audio (in my experience.) Additionally, the entire exported video is created using the selected view angle(s); you can’t pan or change angles for the exported video.

Nowhere is it mentioned which suction mount or hardwire kit is compatible. Customer Support told me that the Suction Cup Mount for V1LG is not compatible and to buy the Rexing Mini-USB Hardwire Kit for V1, V1P, V1 3rd Gen Dash Cams (but I couldn’t get it to work in any of my three vehicles.)

The V360 does not have night vision. The video is okay as long as there is sufficient lighting from street lights or other sources.

Just got this, the rear cam DOES NOT have IR leds as show in the illustration. I’ll let you now how the rest works when I get it all hooked up.

Pretty disappointed, I brought 2 of the V360s and one of them has a partially damaged display. Every morning when I leave for work the display powers on but has a bunch of thick lines on the screen and I can’t see what the dashcam is recording nor what i’m pressing on the screen due to no physical navigation button. About 10-15 minutes later the lines will eventually go away, but I’m worried that one day they will become permanent. Would not recommend this model, If I could go back and get a different camera I would probably get the VL1G.

Hi there. You have a 1-year Rexing warranty. Have you checked in with them.