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I purchased last time around, does not put out enough volume to be useful outside. Ok for the shower but not the pool or patio area.

Vern brought the comb

There’s either a huge overstock of these or they aren’t selling. The $40 price tag is still too much.

I bought one after I saw how good my buddies Jawbone JAMBOX was. The sound quality is not as good as the JAMBOX but at 1/3 the price I guess I am happy with the performance.

I will say this though: It is much bigger than I anticipated.

I bought one last time. I am happy with it. It is on par with or a little better than the other $45-$75 BT speakers. It is actually a little bigger and heavier than most but the sound quality is good. I haven’t used it long enough to know how long the battery will last.

Good sound quality.
Good max volume level without distorting.
Feels very durable/solid.
Water resistant.
Connects to my phone very quickly.

Buttons share 2 functions.
No 3.5mm input jack for when you BT device is acting up or to hook to your older laptop that doesn’t have BT.

Overall I am happy with it for the price I paid. A lot of negative reviews on lower end BT speakers seem to be about them not being loud enough. If you need a really loud BT speaker, you need to spend more than $45. This is adequate for a room, garage or on the back deck.

Bought two to give my college age kids for holiday presents. I was thinking they were small like my Jawbone Jambox but they are larger and heavy. Heavy construction and seems like they would hold up to some abuse. They are pretty loud also. Problem is the sound quality is not good. It gets distorted at times. Bluetooth ranges is about 8 feet. I ordered two and got one so far, the other is running a few days behind (??). Im hope it sounds better otherwise they both going back. Im was not expecting for 1/3 the price to match the Jawbone product but distortion makes it unlistenable.

N|Blu-Tooth is weak. I have my Pad in my bedroom and the speaker around the corner in my bathroom. I have to position the iPad just right an keep the speaker really close to the door. I’m no more than 7 feet away and that’s the max without line of site with my Retina iPad.

weak mids and bass… rattler.

I purchased one of these last time around, and had an opportunity to compare it side-by-side with my Jabra Solemate (for all practical purposes equivalent to a Jawbone). Let me tell you about what I’ve learned.

The Pyle is not:

  • for music theory majors listening to 320kbps symphonies and expecting to catch every intricacy
  • for fraternities hoping to upgrade their house sound systems
  • for design-mavens who want everything to be beautiful

The Pyle is:

-for adventurers who want a great kick-around speaker that’s going to be rugged and not dent with every drop and toss
-for drivers with broken speakers who want to skip tracks via their phones WITHOUT having to touch their phone (afaik, neither the Jabra nor the Jawbone has this functionality).
-for mobile partiers who want to carry around their boombox at a fraction of the weight, without having to worry about it getting damaged.
-for the cost-conscious who don’t want to worry about a $150 speaker being stolen.

This is a portable kick-around speaker. It’s fantastic at it’s price point, durable, and puts out a pretty good thump. I’m thinking of buying a couple more for gifts. Definitely recommended, but don’t expect to receive a Jawbone or Jabra.

I got mine a few days ago, and I like it. For the price, it does what I wanted it to, which is to play music loudly and clearly enough for me to hear it in the shower. It sounds fine*, seems reasonably water-resistant, and has sufficient Bluetooth range. Being able to control track forward/reverse in the shower is a plus, but the dual-function buttons are not quite ideal with regards to recognizing the difference between a press and a hold (i.e., you think you’ve held it long enough to change the volume but it changes the track anyway.) Also, if you hang it right-side up, the button on the top is volume down/track reverse, and vice-versa. Finally, it seems two have two full-range drivers and two woofers, but instead of having one on each side they are paired together, making it entirely possible for the full-ranges to be firing away from you (depending on where you hang it.) Other than those minor annoyances, this is exactly what I was looking for.

*This thing is definitely bass-heavy; the music I listen to sounds fine, but when I play news updates the bass really makes the voices sound awkward.

I was just wondering how you have a marine grade speaker but you won’t ship to a military PO Box?

Marine, as in water. Not military Marine.

I bought the HDMX JAM awhile ago… Friggin thing cranks great… I amaze people with the sound that pumps outta such a small device… I also bought the monster clarity HD , and it went back in the box… Under my bed… HDMX JAM baby !

I agree, I have a Jambox the smaller one. This is bigger though, like you say, bigger than I expected. It is however a lot more durable feeling than the Jambox. The Jambox sounds quite a bit fuller, but for the money this is not bad at all. The jambox costs a lot more, it also has speakerphone capability (and does a good job of that) Still, I like that this is water resistant and sounds decent. I got it mostly to use in the shower. It hooks up no problem to a Galaxy GS3 and GS4. The skip button works for Pandora which is nice.

I bought one of these in a previous sale and have been relatively pleased with the performance. And unless this is a different model than what I purchased… be warned with the “waterproof” sales point… THESE CANNOT BE SUBMERGED! (i.e. not water proof, they are water resistant) They are fine for hanging in showers and being splashed by the pool but will short out if fully submerged in liquid.

The sound quality is decent, the bluetooth reception is NOT. It’s ok for indoor use. I use mine in the shower. But if you’re moving around with your phone/tablet/whatever, the audio cuts out frequently. I’m planning on buying an oontz or a logitech UE soon as a replacement.

Agreed… the Bluetooth functionality (the WHOLE point of this thing) is poorly implemented. Drops out with the slightest movement of your BT phone or tablet - SLIGHTEST movement. This makes it completely unusable IMO and trash. Waste of money. Found a Jambox factory refurb for $50 - THAT is an amazing deal and it kicks bass!!! :wink:

Yeah, I got one of these in a previous sale. The sounds is great, I use it hanging in the shower, but the bluetooth reception is HORRIBLE. Line of sight, eighteen inches (18") between my Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and the speaker, and it cuts out. Ridiculous!!! As long as the connection is good, it’s a great small to medium size room speaker, but when it can’t hold a signal within 2 feet, it’s annoyingly frustrating.

I picked mine up from my mailbox yesterday. I got a defective one, it won’t power up. I tried charging with the USB cable supplied (red light came on and went off after several hours) and the wall charger for my cell phone. No matter what I do the thing won’t power on, long press on the power button, short press, multiple presses, etc. Pyle support has a full mailbox and I “called after normal business hours” (noon on a friday). Hopefully Woot gets back to me and lets me return it.