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Does it have an audio-in jack? I don’t see one listed in the specs.

Just got one, and no AUX port.

Note, box says “splash proof” which is not water proof as advertised. Had an IP4 rating.

In a older post, someone reported that they dropped one of these into a hot tub. It was powered off and the power port was sealed; it survived. Another person said that theirs got wet and it broke.

I can only say that these are really rugged. The bluetooth doesn’t work at full capacity (10 meters). But seriously, if you’re 30 feet away from this, it’s not going to sound good anyways.

I believe this is an awesome deal for an outdoor speaker. It’s perfect for camping or taking to the beach. You can drop it and it won’t break. It’s well built.

The sound quality, for $39.99, is great. There are better sounding speakers out there… but not for that price and none that I would risk taking on an outdoors trip.

Water proof is one thing, splash proof is another. It’s a way to confuse the consumer just like clothing that says “water resistant” or “waterproof”. You give up a few things to get the …proof. My experience with waterproof speakers (shore of marine grade speakers) are they sound like crap.

I just got mine. Bluetooth won’t sync up with my iPhone 5. Anyone have a solution?

Try holding the power button down for a few seconds until it makes an unusual steady beep and then simultaneously on the iphone: settings> bluetooth> and you should see “E-9150” (or something similar) magically appear. Click on it to pair them. Should remember you from then on. I got one last week and I’m very happy with it. Thanks for pimping my moped with a new glovebox boombox woot!

I just got the one I ordered a few weeks ago and am super disappointed with the range. The specs say 33 feet, while the manual says 5 meters. That’s a 16 foot difference! I was hoping it’d make it allll the way between my tiny bedroom and tiny bathroom, across the hall, but it doesn’t. Probably about 20 feet. It’s a bummer.

Mine showed up a few days ago. Much louder than a Jambox. The sound quality isn’t was good, nor is the battery life. I’ll continue to use the Jambox in my office, and use they outside. Very good for the price.

Got one of these because, Why not?
Waterproof: The instructions say clearly not to get wet. Mine has been dribbled on and still works. There are stories of folks who dunked theirs in the water and lost functionality.
Sound: I use it in the shower and it is plenty loud enough to hear over that. I’m no audiophile (.mp3, .wma, ect) but the sound from mine is full. The big bass doesn’t glitch or distort and there’s nothing tinny
Battery: I use mine sparingly, and this thing will hold a charge for weeeeeeks. (approx 15 minute use 4x week) I have not used mine in a single session from full charge to dead. The longest i’ve done (not fully charged) was close to 2 hours and it still had battery.
Range: Shit. You will get some lag any further than 10-15 feet.
Hanging loop is metal and durable but doesn’t rotate.
Volume buttons share with skip and previous, so instead of “pump up the jam” you get “purple Haze”. This also means no seek/scan feature.
Totally worth the price.

Amazon Reviewer stated - Giving this 3 stars because I was very impressed with the audio quality, ease of use, durability.

But it is not even close to waterproof…

My brother didn’t think it was either - so I was there to try to prove him wrong. After a quick dip in water (< 1 second), I was the proud owner of a fubar’d pyle of Bluetooth speaker.

The “splash proof, not water proof” thing is kind of surprising to me. I mean, when I see “Marine Grade water-proof”, my first impression is that it works underwater, let alone survives a quick dunk.

Just to clarify, this describes the IP protection scale for liquids and shows exactly what IP4 does.

Definitely not “waterproof” in the sense most people understand, that’s IP7.

Just received mine and set it up, sound is distorted and not very good quality. Disappointed.

Sorry, but one of the worst impulse buys I have made. My iphone speaker has about as good a quality and as loud a volume as the Pyle Speaker. If anyone has any burn ointment, I could use it :).