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Great little speaker. I got one on here awhile back. Very good battery life. Very poor bluetooth reception. Probably a 5 foot range. At best.

I bought one of these during the last sale and love it. It has good dynamic audio range. As Lildrumrboy said the bluetooth range is a bit short, with clear line of site i can place it about 7-8 feet from my laptop, but if it gets more than 3 or 4 feet from my phone it loses signal, and if anything more than a piece of paper breaks line of site you lose signal. Despite the short range I love this speaker. I keep it on a shelf in the shower and have a waterproof case for my phone.

I loved my speaker for the price. But These are at best splash proof. I used mine on my sit-on-top kayak and it worked for about a month. It was never submerged. The micro USB port appears to be the weak link with only a rubber flap to keep it dry. Woot accepted my return. I am still interested in finding a truly waterproof Bluetooth speaker setup for my kayak :frowning:

I got mine last night no real protection in shipping FYI. Range not more than 15 feet and you really cant increase the voulume to fill a room with. The manual states do not keep in high humidity area such as a bathroom and do not splash or drip water on to the device. It turns on and I hear music though so thats nice. Id pay less next time for this item

I agree. I have what appears to be an identical Pyle speaker from a past Woot deal and it does have good sound but poor range. It’s used where it may be splashed at worst.

If you want a speaker to kayak with confidently look at one of these: http://ecoxgear.com/ecoxbt/

I got one for my birthday outside of boating season but have showered with and submerged it. A bonus it floats if it goes overboard. I picked one up at Costco (pre-Christmas offering) for $79. I am quite happy with it for battery life and sound quality. I have never seen one on Woot but would snap one up in a minute. The mothership had a good price last I looked too.


I’ve had mine for about 3 months and only used it several times and one charge, now it turns and off but won’t connect or charge, my phone had to be placed within a few feet and the sound is weak, not sure how it would weather @ the pool side but I used mine in the shower and was placed on the cabinet and now it does’nt work, I would not recommend this at any price.

Sounds great, but the bluetooth reception is sketchy. If you can keep a 3-5’ clear line of sight path, then this is a great little speaker. If not the drop outs will make you want to throw it into the water or through a window.


I have played the “water proof means for music” game for quite a while - swimming is my ONLY safe means for exercise, boredom is a real issue and music IS the solution for that…

any Any ANY speaker that claims to be H2O safe will have limited dynamic range [due to water barrier] and any connection at all will always be the weakest link.

The solution I arrived at - and could work for your Kayak needs = waterproof earbuds [there are numerous brands available; comes down to comfort] and the H2O proof Otterbox case for the iPod first generation “mini”

Otterbox no longer makes the case in question [fools] BUT there are always several listed on eBay, etc. - BEWARE the seller’s storage style since the rubber gaskets ARE subject to deterioration & like a tiny little but of mineral oil every now & then to keep there sealings nice & tight.

Ipod first gen “mini” can be gotten cheap as above + an upgrade to solid state memory [search instructables.com] will give you a VAST library of water proof music + 3.5mm[?] connection for sharing… no bluetoth, yet…

I chose a 32gig memory “card” & new 13mA battery upgrade & all told spent slightly over 120. - including the “dead” iPod on eBay [FRANKENPOD lives!]

I wish you all the best luck in finding a speaker solution BUT this set up has functioned very well for over two years AND is quite very a lot of tough for daily / travel use to have LOTS of music in a safe containment style…

Will / s999