Rhino Micro USB Cables - 3 Packs

" the Rhino come in three lengths to cover up to 10 feet of connectivity, and 5"

Wait, what? How long are the cables?

What is the difference between 1M, 2M, & 3M in these cables? Also how long is EACH INDIVIDUAL CABLE, please I DO NOT want the total length of all three cables combined, but the total length of just EACH SINGLE INDIVIDUAL CABLE.

Thank you! :blush:

Hi there!

1M = 1 Meter = 3ft
2M = 2 Meter = 6 ft
3M = 3 Meter = 10 ft

Can this be used on Iphones?

No, these do not have lightning connectors.

There is a lightning cable in the event, just not this item. I bought the lighting version and the construction is excellent.