Rhino USB Type C Sync Cable - 3 Packs

I bought these cables previously on Woot (the USB-C model to charge an Android phone).

It’s very important to understand that these are just another model of cable that are OUT OF SPEC. If you’re unfamiliar with USB-C cables being out of spec, then Google Benson Leung. He is an engineer at Google who reviews USB-C cables since so many of them are faulty.

While he didn’t review this particular model, I have verified that they don’t work within the normal spec. To get to the point, these cables will not properly negotiate how much current can be drawn from the host machine/charger. In other words, it can go like this:

  1. Plug phone into USB port on PC which is capable of supplying only 500mA.

  2. Phone talks to computer, and since the cable is messed up, it decides that it’s ok to draw 1,500mA which is 3x as much as it should draw.

  3. The USB controller on the host PC gets strained trying to provide this current, and may burn out and ruin your USB controller or even worse the entire machine. (or of course, you know…light the machine/charger on fire)

This cable can be safely used IF you’re using it with a charger that is capable of providing high current. But it is a fire hazard with normal USB ports on a PC or laptop, and with many older low-current chargers.