Ribbonwick Candles



Does anyone have an opinion on these candles? My main concern is the icky black smoke that seems to be leave a film on everything after I burn a candle in my home. Any suggestions? Oh, by the way, I trim the wick often.


I’ve heard soy candles don’t leave that black stuff all over. Sorry, I don’t know anything about these candles.


I thought that was because the wick was too long…



Unfortunately I do not know about these specifically. But in general the softer the wax and the more scents added, the more soot will be produced by a candle.

If you want to “test” a candle, then clean off your tv screen and then light a candle in front of the tv with the tv on. The electrostatic effect will attract the soot to the screen. After a little while just wipe off the screen again and see if it’s acceptable or not.


Wouldn’t that require a good old-fashioned tube TV to work properly?




Is it me or do those pictures make it look like you’d be presenting caterpillars on fire?


Cargobroom…I was thinking nearly the same thing, except more flaming worm action than caterpillar. I can’t type the complete thought that ran through my mind when I looked at the first picture, but it started “What the ****???”


Thank Cthulu I’m not the only one…


Soy and beeswax candle don’t typically leave soot unless they have additives. The soot is carbonized petroleum products (oils) that are incompletely burned.

That stuff gets in your lungs, btw.

A little is ok, but if you regularly burn candles, consider switching to beeswax with cotton wick.

as for testing: http://www.satra.co.uk/spotlight/article_view.php?id=368


Yes! That’s EXACTLY what I thought too.


I ordered two of them and have not been disappointed! They burn nice and slow and leave very little soot! And when I blow them out, they do not continue to smoke like other “single” wick candles do. There is a little of course, but not much. I was so impressed with them I even ordered a third!