This is a funny prank I did when I called Target and Pranked them.

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That’s it I’ve had it with you.


Play nice Fen.

All you have to do to bump your other thread to the top of the page is post something on it. That is why sometimes the post only says bump. Woot frowns on starting more than one thread with the same thing.


Who knew the special mod hack? Does it still work? Did I just dream about it and it never existed?


I’ve reported this loser 3 of the four posts he’s made. It’s not bad enough that he’s shamelessly pimping this other site, but that the “HILARIOUS, FUNNY PRANK” isn’t. Not funny. Not hilarious. Not even a prank, really. Mumbled so badly that the recipient had to keep saying “Huh?”, and he had to practically beg them to pretend to care.

He’s got a rude awakening coming in a couple of months when he starts as a high school freshman. Upperclassmen will be unforgiving critics of his humor.

Just as well … if mom & dad knew he was playing on the phone again, he’d lose his Gameboy for a month.