Ricci 20pc 18/10 Flatware Filomena

Bought 2 sets at the last Wootoff and I love it. Nice and heavy, stays shiny-shiny-shiny through the dishwasher (unlike the stuff I just gave to Goodwill), and it’s a nice clean, modern design.

Yep… This is decent flatware. Don’t let the “Made in China” label deter you. I got a different style of Ricci 18/10 flatware from woot a while ago, and decided to put away our Reed and Barton flatware and use the Ricci instead for a change of pace.

“MADE IN CHINA” No thanks I’ll pass.

I know this brand and it very durable and heavy made. For every day ware it will last for years and years. Fact is you will probably get tired of it and change it out just for something new long before it shows any real signs of wear. Also, the price is rock bottom. This is a very good deal!

Your choice… But some might say that ya oughta go ahead and get your quality “made in China” goods now, while you can get 'em at a discount. Pretty soon, due to the rapid pace of growth in China, the Chinese middle class will be snapping up all these products before they get to the West.