Ricci 20pc 18/10 Flatware in 3 Patterns

Shiny !

It’s shiny because it’s 18/10 :slight_smile: 18/10 flatware - 18% Chromium, 10% Nickel - also makes it resist rusting better.

Ok. A wooter was looking for simple, elegant flatware yesterday.

Ya I can’t remember what post that was on.

I am really digging those sexy curves on those knives from the Renata set.

If I didn’t pick up a 40 piece set of flatware last month I’d totally be in for one.

Wonder how these compare to Oneida’s 18/10 offering. Of course Oneida’s 12 sets for 59.99 was a better price per set.

Classy silverware always makes me hungry.

I know I shouldn’t find the prominent “Made in China” stamp to be a reason to dislike this offering, but I do.

There ya go.

I’m moving into my first apartment as of August 15th and so far woot has provided me with a pyrex set, steak knives, and now flatware! You are stocking my kitchen for me woot.

Nice job finding that missing post so quickly! That expert post wrangling might have earned you another QuaPo :tongue: (or at least, I’d give you one if I could)

I was just going to say, people have been clamoring for something like this. You’ve made people’s dreams come true!

ionix! Where are you??

Hahaha. I don’t suppose woot wants to sell some baking sheets next…

Are they shining enough to where I can pull a Clark Griswald and just wipe the plate clean without washing them and then put them away; no ones worse for the wear. It can get uncle Eddie to just stop using then to get better tv reception, I think they will make a wonderful replacement for the one I got here about 2 years ago. Thanks woot. Now I need to replace my trash compactor. Got any help with that☺?

I can’t believe woot heard my pleas! Thank you! This is actually my first purchase towards my new place! LoL I can’t believe you guys remembered what I was posting.
Edit: In for 1 =)

Which one!?

Picked up the Renata and got 5 bucks off with a code I had here. Its a nice “different” look. Curvy.=) The one that starts with F looks to meh, like I have seen over and over and the other doesn’t call my attention. Anywho. Thank you Woot Gods!

Woot you’re really starting to upset me with these silver ware sets, which now I’m in for one, when you could give me a hover board just like the ones they had in Back to the Future! I have been sitting diligently pacing in my room. Come on woot!

::fingers crossed::