Ricoh Aficio SP C220N Color Laser Printer

Standard Paper Capacity: 251 sheets
gotta have that extra 1 sheet
cant be 250

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New Ricoh Aficio SP C220N Color Laser Printer, for $179.99 + $5 shipping
Product: 1x Ricoh Aficio SP C220N Color Laser Printer

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Dear woot,

This is the ugliest printer I have ever seen.

Someone who won’t buy it.

That is always a terrible thing with color printers. If you run out of one color you are screwed.

DAMN! I really want one of these, can any one spot me $200 for the printer and a sandwich? I’ll share the sandwhich,

Happy B-Day Sellout Woot!

It’s a decent deal. I’m a Ricoh rep and I can get you a C411dn for $250

Dear Woot,

A laser!
Welcome to this millenium.
Now we can expect no more jet cartridge lameness.

Totally would buy if I had that kinda scratch

The review I found on Buzzillions isn’t really that great. But it’s only one…

uncle Ricoh ?

It seems there are 4 cartidges that fit into one drum. Cartidges are expensive–found them for $49 for the black and $90 each for each of the 3 colors. Too expensive for me to invest.

1 in the chamber, 250 in the clip. That’s how I roll!

So many main stream brand name printers, with similar specs can be bought for about the same price… also, you may have difficulty finding replacement toner for an off-brand company like Ricoh.

yes, I see in a picture in amazon that it has indeed 4 cartridges. I didn’t see that mentioned in the description here, and sayin "“All-in-one cartridge technology” is just confusing as hell.

why 2 usb ports?? i can see the type B but why the A type

How is that possible?

Our company just bought a C410DN for $1000, and you’re able to sell a C411DN for a quarter of retail?

Then again, refilling the toner alone costs about the same as the printer.

No, I think they call each color “all in one” just to sound hi-tech. Check out the amazon page here

There’s clearly separate cyan, yellow, magenta, and black cartridges. Pricing appears to be $80 for new color carts and $65 for black at amazon.

yo grassman20, how about C220N toners for $30 each(including color)? can ya swing tht for us?..or just me? hell, maybe you should get rico 2gether wit woot to selll c220n toner sets for $200?

Does anyone know what the page yield is on the cartridges?