Ricoh Aficio SP C220N Color Laser Printer

Ding! Probably 500-page or less to keep the cost down. But I’m not suspicious, or anything.

Looks like 2000 page yield per cartridge according to amazon.

Price is not bad, it’s got network, PS, it’s more or less what I want.
51-sec warmup + 14 sec to print first page is not bad; I used to work with a slower HP…

Just not enough to pull the trigger on it, though. Maybe later; the toner cost is scaring me tonight. (Or at least that’s my excuse.)

The All In One Toner does not mean that you are screwed when you run out of one color… LOL

The printer has the same amount of toner just like every other color laser… 3 color and 1 black.

The difference with this series of printers is that the drum is apart of the toner so you do not need to replace the expensive drum unit and you are always putting a brand new all-in-one device into the printer toner+drum unit.

Also Ricoh has been around for almost a hundred of years… they definitely have a weird name and who knows where they came up with Aficio but it definitely rhymes…

They have 81,900 employees and did 17 billion in sales last year in 150 countries

link below

Wouldn’t it make sense to buy 3 and use the other 2 for toner and drum kits? Also have spare parts if the one you are using cr*ps out.

In for 3

Yield is 2000 sheets at 5% coverage.

Thinking of getting one - be nice to have a decent color printer for a few things —


Might make sense to buy more than one since the toner is more than the machine (if you buy all 4)

BUT… a lot of machines come with a “light” version of cartridges. Doesn’t say if this one does or not.

Ok Mr Grassman, Hate to call your bluff. How may I get a Ricoh Aficio SP C411dn Color Laser Printer for $250. Is this a sucker punch; I send you money and never get the product and can’t cover a warranty. Does your bid include mailing cost.
I reviewed the SP C411dn; It’s top dollar and top of RICOH line. Tell me more, I implore.

Starter cartridges seem to print 1000 pages according to other sites

This looks like a good offer, but I would want to boost the internal memory, and it seems that the included 64MB is the maximum capacity. Not the printer for me tonight.

The second is to connect a PictBridge compatible camera to print directly from the camera

According to this site:

It comes with 1000 page starter toner, not 2000 page full toners.

NOTE: someone earlier mentioned this has postscript IT DOES NOT. It has DDST, and this printer cannot have its memory upgraded - this is the bare bones color printer - that said, $179 is still a steal.


As far as I can see, the C220N does not have PictBridge, only the C222DN.

The Ricoh brochure and the Amazon product page agree on that.

Is this really a C222DN?

The C222DN has Postscript though, and that would explain the extra USB port…!

But this isn’'t the DN it’s the N

yea the specs on the woot text only said 1 usb and 1 ethernet port so the controller port for pic bridge on this printer is probably tabbed out or blocked out as the pic bridge port hardware isnt installed in the 220n model…

It’s not just the N vs DN, but also the number: 220N vs the 222DN.

See my other post above… the picture shows what looks like a USB host port, and only the 222DN has Pictbridge.

If the Woot text is gospel, then it also says “PCL5c/6 and PostScript3” which are not supported on the 220N, but are on the higher-end models.

Looks like a good deal. About a year ago, I bought a Xerox color laser network printer with PostScript for $230, and I thought that was a steal. Of course, I don’t know how much I paid for the Xerox brand name. :slight_smile:

Having a network laser is awesome. So little hassle compared to crappy inkjets.

“Remember: if it doesn’t rhyme, it’s not worth your time.”

Aficio and Ricoh can’t possibly rhyme. Aficio has to be pronounced “Ah-FEE-she-oh” or “Ah-FEE-see-oh”, not “Ah-fee-koh”. An ‘i’ following a ‘c’ gives the ‘c’ a soft sound.

Unless Engrish has different spelling rules.