Riddles, Trivia, and Puzzles - for kids!

I’ve come up with a little project and I would love the help of all of you here!

I volunteer to monitor the cafeteria at my daughter’s charter school. The lunch is broken into two groups K-3rd grade and 4th-6th grades. In the earlier lunch the 1st grade teacher tells stories to entertain the kids, but in the second lunch there is about 5-10 minutes each day where many of the kids are finished eating and get bored. These are very bright kids, so getting bored is not a good thing. I have decided to challenge them with puzzles, riddles, and other written challenges. I want some of the challenges to be down right tricky, but I need all levels as I want to maintain participation. I’m going to give points based on how difficult I think the question is and make a scoreboard for each class. Each puzzle will be valid for up to 5 days, I think, and will be removed when it is solved. The older the puzzle the less it will be worth, since I’m sure the answers will be Google-able.

So post your trivia, your puzzles, your riddles! I need all the material I can get!

I have nothing.

Just felt like posting.

here’s one of the “hards”

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