Ridge Insoles, 2 Pack

I have these, although a different brand. They have REALLY helped my collapsed arch. Better than the expensive orthotics I used before. They take a day or two to get used to, but patience is well rewarded. Once I got used to them, I wouldn’t wear shoes without them ever again.

I was limited to very short periods walking or standing. Now I can stand for at least an hour and I can walk several miles at a time.

I was skeptical until I got to try them free at a trade show. My foot was already done for the day, but with these I walked the entire floor for several more hours. Bought them on the spot and have now ordered enough for every pair of dress shoes I own.

I also got them for my kids that wait tables. They love them.

These are less than I paid for the other brand by quite a bit, so I just ordered some of these to compare.

You can see how long I’ve been on woot.com and that I am not a plant or employee of this company. Just a guy with a bad foot.

no xl? and what is xxl? do not see it on the spec chart

We previously sold out of the XL. Sorry.

The size chart has been corrected to show XXL. :slight_smile:

is this REALLY a TWO pack?
Last thing I bought turned out to be a one pack

Vendor confirms 2-pack.

Is there any way to order each pair as a different size? To get 2 different sized pairs together?

Not in this particular event, no. You’d need to buy two separate sizes, giving you four pairs of insoles.

way over priced very thin and they burst and leak all the fluid out I feel foolish for buying them… no good