Ridgeline Vineyards 2005 Merlot - 3 Pack

Ridgeline Vineyards 2005 Merlot - 3 Pack
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PRODUCT: 3 2005 Ridgeline Vineyards Merlot
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This is old for a Merlot isn’t it? 05 was a good year in CA, but is this still going to hold for a while, or are we in drink now territory?

Source: http://www.bullz-eye.com/wine/reviews/2009/wild_horse_ridgeline_merlot.htm, which also reviews the 2004, finding it “a truly classic example of pure Merlot at a really nice price for the quality.”

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Love merlot; especially a 3 pack. 2005 was a good year in Cali as Richard said.

Not particularly. I think solid Merlots can usually hold up for a decade or so. The Wellington that was up a couple weeks ago is only a year younger.

And here’s the tech sheet, though it’s exactly the same info that’s in the write-up. This is also $30/bottle from the winery ($22.50 for club members) plus shipping, making this a pretty great deal.

Except for those of us in DC, who get shafted for the second offer in a row! :angry:

Well I like St emilion merlot blends, but thought most single-varietal metlots were younger-drinkers! I know little about merlot, however, and that must have been hearsay.

and like that review you found, who also said this should last another 7 or 8 years (in 09).

I find the Wellington merlot to be much more minerally than fruity, perhaps too much so, on reflection (shock horror!) and unless merlots have a dumb period, think it’s not now going to let out any more fruit to balance it up.

Do Merlots have a dumb period, like Cab Sauvignon and PS?

I had a 97 Arrowood (sonoma county) couple of weeks ago, it was wonderful. I’ll sleep on this one but wouldn’t expect it to hold as long considering the price point.

The winemaker will need to respond to this question. If it is well made (think Chateau Petrus) it could hold for quite a while. Forget Sideways, there are some good Merlots out there :wink:


Pffft, IMO, French wine is mediocre at best, and vastly overpriced. To say that anything made in California without a high price tag is bad, is snobbery at best.

It is up to everyone to decide what wines they like. That’s why the “rankings” are only so good. If your tastes are different than the ranker, you won’t agree about the wine.

I think the only French wine I really like is Sauternes, everything else I’ve had better QPR with wine made in USA (Oregon, Washington, California). And enjoyed them more.

And just to remind everyone, California wines also won the 30th Anniversary tasting of the 1976 Paris Tasting (as well as the two tastings on the 10th Anniversary). So one could say that French wines are not superior to California wines. However, it really depends on the tasting preferences of those involved.

So while you may prefer French wines, there are those of us who think the opposite. Neither of us are wrong, because it’s our enjoyment of the wine that is important.

Did anyone else notice this juice spent 25 months in oak? According to at least one of the CT notes for previous similarly barreled vintages, this could be an “oak bomb.”

Is there always a direct correlation between time spent in oak to cellar potential?

Not old for a well made Merlot. Wine doesn’t have to be expensive, super-old, or from France to show the benefits of aging. It has to be carefully crafted to begin with, and ought to be kept in a dark, cool storage area that’s as close to 55 degrees year-round as is manageable.

I’ve had very good experience with Alexander Valley Merlot in the past. I’ve opened several bottles of Merlot from Alexander Valley bottled as “long ago” as 2001 in the last year that were wonderful. I would venture to presume this Ridgeline will drink nicely for at least another 5-7 years.

I hadn’t noticed this before reading your post no… that’s a great question, I’m curious as well.

Here’s an interesting Wiki link:

In for one. :slight_smile:

Glad shipping is back down… even though it was 90 degrees here last week. I have been missing that 2 extra dollars.

Me too, I seem to have an onverload of Syrah and Zin but no Merlot on hand- Alexander Valley!!! Can’t wait.

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Another fantastic deal, over 50% off retail!

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In for 1. I need some decent inexpensive reds laying around and this seems like just the candidate.