Ridiculously Large 8-Device Universal Remote

rofl now this is getting silly

Already bought this on 2-for Tuesday. With shipping, it was a better deal.

Count me out, sorry. Haven’t even found a use for my second one yet.

The good news is that it is ridiculously large, good for a laugh when company comes over.

The first time they come over…

I got these on 2 fer tuesday… they are really large & works great! the buttons glow very brightly after the lights go out…


And a twenty comes with it…sweeeet!

i give up, i don’t think there servers can even handle bocs anymore.site got too popular prices got higher

Does it come with the $20 bill?
It says nothing to the contrary…

Perfect timing! I needed a cheap universal remote :slight_smile:

Can I use this to turn off my mac?

a good time to go to work

when did circuit city come back?

Whoa- I just woke up. I figured it’d be all over this morning!

It was a pleasant surprise!

think a boc is HIDDEN behind that big-ass piece of crap?

do you guys have any idea what’s coming? what is this talk about a roomba?

I have one of these. Hope you don’t plan on watching digital TV with one, since it has no decimal point button; you have to cycle though all of the channels to change it.

2007 called, it wants it’s gag gift back…

In for 3… let’s see my wife misplace this one…

Still waiting for BOC and SD memory cards.

Not if it’s underwater.

Ok so with that money on the ground, I still owe you $17.50? right?

Boggy old creature?