Ridiculously Large 8-Device Universal Remote

Yes, you use it to beat the side of the mac. The mac will shut off.

This remote has an incredibly narrow transmission angle. It has to be pointed directly at the sensor on the TV. Even then, it may not actually work. And it has no codes for Memorex DVD/VCR players.

It means the Woot staff don’t know how to use the farkin’ spell check!

for that matter what is a brad TV “■Enter: Used to complete channel selection for some brads of TV. It is also used to complete the code entry process”

There is nothing misspelled in that sentence…

Yes, now buy three.

The new ones take out a restraining order and sue you for damages.

these are cool - i saw one operating at harbour frieght.

buy a load of them so i can see teh bag.

Yeah, and the trend for the last few wootoffs has been for woot! to sell shit that people actually want, not this excaliber bullshit. get with the program, woot!

If I buy one of these remotes, can I program it to wake me up when something worthwhile comes along?

I bought 3 for stocking stuffers! I got my husband one of these as a gag last christmas and my adult kids liked it so they will get their own!

You know that math is important? right?

I like pizza

Got one of these last year. Damned thing is still in the blister pack

That’s a quality post!

Probably, but if you destroy it completely, the “family” will find you.


Makes me feel kinda small . . .

Except that the 2 main errors pointed out would have been passed over by the spellcheck… I don’t think the grammar check would have even caught that, you have to buy the grammar ■■■■, and that costs extra.

I will have to have those big buttons cause I am going crosseyed watching this woot off…waitin’ on the bag of carp