Ridiculously Large 8-Device Universal Remote

do you guys have any idea what’s coming? what is this talk about a roomba?

I have one of these. Hope you don’t plan on watching digital TV with one, since it has no decimal point button; you have to cycle though all of the channels to change it.

2007 called, it wants it’s gag gift back…

In for 3… let’s see my wife misplace this one…

Still waiting for BOC and SD memory cards.

Not if it’s underwater.

Ok so with that money on the ground, I still owe you $17.50? right?

Boggy old creature?

I did NOT write that! why can I use “ass,” but not “crap?” My thesaurus does not list “scaffolding” as a synonym for “crap.”

this is crappy.

OK, I took one for the team. Actually my dad is turning 65 this year. This will make a nice gag gift.

Can I control an iPod with this?

how many of the pple who use the word scaffolding actually have gf’s?

Thanks just what I was wondering. Seems that most universal remotes leave off the decimal button. PITA when you want CH 4.1

a remote and a $20 bill for $2.49???

in for 3!!!

does the twenty come with ?

I got 2 on a tuesday few weeks ago works great.

Jumbo remote #1 totally won that fight though… I’m just sayin…

Been up all night I thought I was going through a woot off flashback. Circuit City is gone? At least I’m not the only one seeing CC ads

Yes. You should buy three.

is this the longest wootoff ever?!

You can control a fruckin’ air control tower with that thing.