Ridiculously Large 8-Device Universal Remote


If it comes with the 20 I’m in for 3.

My grandma owns this… need I say more?

These are awesome, don’t let the picture fool you. Its just a really small $20 =o

I got 3 on 2 for tuesday, not one worked for anyone I gave them to not one…

I have this remote and I love it.

worked great on my parents 52 panasonic hdtv and dish network

Hehe, nope, it says below, “You get the Emerson,not the Jackson.”

<~~~ predicts to see this on upcoming episodes of horders…

This must be the fastest wooot off ever

WHat was the panasonic the orginal DLP or projection?

Woot has thousands of these. No way they’ll sell out fast.

…aaand they’re probably gone.

I’m hoping this will work with my Emerson TV and my Samsung blu-ray cuz my blu-ray remote does not have a code for the TV. I hate using two remotes.

I use it as a novelty remote for a CRT television that I got for free.

:[ If only woot supported the make-a-wish foundation this would be a great woot off!

This looks big.

Hah, i bought one of these things for my mother for her birthday last October as a mean joke, but she ended up loving the thing. she still uses it to this day, which makes it even more hilarious every time i come home to visit.

Personally, i wouldn’t recommend it as a product. it’s really picky about where you have to point it to work, and the thing is a real hassle to program.

it is running strong 5 years old, projection, with the built in shelf on top

Apparently they finally cleaned the cache on the new servers…