RIG 515HD Lava 7.1 Surround Sound Headset for PC

Has anyone else purchased these? I received them and they were missing the USB dongle to use with PC. I’m sending them back, but I’m wondering if my order was defective or if they really are shipping these with no aux to USB dongle (which makes them worthless for pc gaming).

What they did is send you the 505 which has no 7.1 like they did with me. I want to try again but not if they do that again.

They did the same thing to me, send the 505 version. Seems like they just wanna get rid of it and cheat customers out of what they promised. I’ve been using woot for a while now, but this is making me wonder if i’m going to continue doing so.

I ordered another one, i’ll update when I receive it.

Ah that’s what it is! I ordered these for my wife and the same thing. That is a really bogus move. I love woot but this is giving me second thoughts.

Ok I actually received my 2nd set yesterday and it included the dongle. So that is good. That being said, these headphones are clearly “used”. The ear cup padding has lost most of it’s sponginess. They smell used. It smells like someone has worn them, and that is mixed with the smell of some type of cleaner/disinfectant. My first pair appeared/smelled pretty new. I will be keeping the dongle (to use with the first set i ordered) and sending this set back on woot’s dime.

I did not see it mentioned anywhere that these were used “refurbished” headphones. Gross.

I ordered a pair complete with dongle and all…though I’m quite disappointed that the mic does not work. That is one of the main reasons that I bought this headset is to use it with the mic. My husband has the same pair and I love using them for gaming. He paid full price for his though. While mine was listed as refurbished, I assumed that everything would be in working order, including the mic.

Just received mine and it is a 505 version, not a 515. Guess I’m sending it back, sigh.

I’m very sorry. Woot CS will take care of you.