Rightway 3.5” GPS withText To Speech

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Rightway 3.5" GPS withText To Speech
$39.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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Never heard of the manufacture. Not so sure about this one.

at least it’s bicycle friendly


Jokes too easy . . . must resist . . .arghhhh!

I was thinking the same but for $40 anything works

I’ll be brief here.

tl;dr If you don’t have a GPS, this is decent and cheap and does what you want it to. If you already do, don’t change. You get what you pay for here.

EDIT: my version has text to speech. It’s not exactly this one though. Very, very close. Think mine is just the 1.0 to this version 1.5… doesn’t look like much has changed other than some tiny screen tweaks from the photo.

Startup- Mine has an interface that has to load before it even gets to the navigation application, so if you’re expecting an immediate turn on, it’s not going to happen. I’d say it’s about 45 secs before it gets handy. Battery does not seem to hold a charge too well, but if a GPS doesn’t have a car charger that’s dumb. I don’t leave mine on. For reference I don’t use the suction cup window thing either… too many breakins.

Satellites- Finicky at best. If i turn mine off and then move my car, the next time i turn it on, it can be up to ten minutes before it fully finds me. If i don’t move my car, it’s between immedaite to about 2 minutes.

Navigaton- This is great for long trips. If you have no idea where you are going, this thing is pretty good. I mean, it’s a GPS. it should get you on major highways and close to where you want to go. It is, however, a pain in the ass sometimes when it comes to getting on said highways. Also has a tendency to lose satelites when in tunnels/underground. Having the points if interest is cool. Useful if you need it, but it’s not exactly the easiest thing to find a speicifc one if you have a name only.

Routing- Interesting. Sometimes it’s great about getting you around crowded roads, but i’m not sure if thats a feature, or just because i have it on shortest route. I mean, it had me get off Interstate 95 and take the exit ramp back on 200 feet later because it was shorter than staying on the highway. Frustrating. Also has a NASTY tendency that when it sees two roads intersecting on the map, it assumes you can turn there. This leads to SEVERE problems when it tells me to take a LEFT exit off of route 1 south because my street intersects it…underneath a bridge. For reference, there are very few left exits in MA…and this isn’t one. In fact. It’s a guardrail. The alibity to add stops is really cool, but i mean, it’s not entirely that useful. It’s pretty darn easy to program in an address. You can do favorites, and then do one click stops for frequently used ones like like “HOME” “WORK” etc. They have easy icons. I did not get the updates and this makes me VERY ANGRY. Also it’s prbably by comptuer since mine didn’t update automatically over the air. I mean. who really expects that.

Also, the voices are horrendous. Not unintelligible, but just annoying. Only a few have the ability to announce what road you’re turning onto intead of just “take a left” and those voices are basically the once from MS voice (which i know everyone here has used for text to sppech). Horrible, horrible, stereotypical accents. Never used the gas mileage calculator.

More info! This is a touchscreen (duh) and for NO REASON AT ALL mine stopped working last summer… i blame the heat. The screen was not properly calibrated, so basically this was a brick for me. I called up and the man told me how to recalibrate it… but now i have to do it about every other time i turn it on. Pain in the arse.

This is too short of a review, but honestly, if you have a GPS, or want to gift one, this is an OK bet, and it’s pretty darn cheap. Now I’m not saying NOT to buy it, but if you’re looking at an upper price range/name brand, this isn’t going to cut it

(sorry about the typos, I’m this as we go along here as fast as possible. Can i get some love here wootmods?)

It speaks French? Oh, no. I’m not letting some danged R2 unit steal MY wife.

lets hope rightway doesn’t take someone the wrongway

It might be worth spending an extra few bucks so you don’t lose $40. Just my wacked out thinking.

$80 on Amazon, but it looks like the map updates (that were free) ended on 12/31/10. Still, it’s $40.

In case anyone is interested in the manufacturer’s spec sheet (for example, did you know the GPS has a gas calculator?)


Here is the users manual as well:


Oh, snap! What’s one of Leno’s writers doing here?!

Is there anybody left in the USA who doesn’t own a GPS by now? Or a smart phone with a GPS app? Let’s see a show of hands . . . yes, you in the back row.

Maybe a short hint on if it is a good deal or not before the long post?

Like who doesn’t already have a GPS … $40 this has got to be junk !
This is “Way Wrong”

maybe you got a point but If i was really worried I could get the square trade extended warrenty

$80 at Amazon

This is using ALK’s copilot