Rightway 4.3” Portable GPS

here’s the product website

and the user manual

can this be hacked?

How old are the maps?

it’s $66.72 with decent reviews at amazon

and here’s some more reviews at best buy (it is $69.99 there)

Curse you! IT GAVE me the WRONG way.

$69 amazon. 11 reviews, 8 people like, 3 no like.

Been looking to get one of these and the price isn’t wrong. Finally something to use that $5 coupon code on.

It comes with a 2gb SD card. Anyone know if it will handle a bigger card?

up to 4 GB

According to one of the Amazon reviews, you can use towince.exe to change this to a general purpose WinCE device, complete with .doc, .pdf, and .ppt viewers!

Yes it runs Windows CE 5.0

Can the maps be updated?

According to one of the customer reviews on Amazon’s offering, it can be cracked to access Win CE running underneath it. It appears that the file used to crack the device has been discussed here. Unfortunately, it looks like you need to register at the website to get at the file.

Hope that helped.

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Rightway 4.3” Portable GPS [New] - $49.99 + $5 shipping

1 * Rightway RW400 4.3” Portable GPS w/ SD Card Slot

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Most complaints were the battery life. Apparently it only lasts 2 hours without a charge. And it only charges through the car adapter on the road, not the USB.

This is without a doubt the very worst GPS known to mankind. Slow, plodding, outdated, mechanically unsound, clumsy interface, and any other adverse term you can come up with.

most of the cons that I have read about this is the outdated maps…is there anyway to update the maps?

Does you need to connect it to your computer to download maps? If so, can you use a mac?

The product manual does say maps can be added… However, the manual doesn’t say where you can get those maps. The product website has a link to another website (PC Miler Navigator) which sells GPS devices for truck drivers and all the corresponding accessories and map updates