Rigid Industries D-Series Pro Spot Light

Rigid Industries D-Series Pro Spot Light

Where could I find the wiring harness ?

Morning. Not sure? Amazon maybe? Most items on Clearance are from Amazon overstock and aged inventory so we don’t have a lot of information on them.

Make your own. Just cut off the end, splice a neg and positive normal gauge wire from another harness and call it a day. Not a “bad” price for these lights and the NORMAL harness they come with won’t fit through he firewall anyway. FWIW, I have 3 sets on my 09 KK and each set, I had to “splice” the cable anyway you can clip off the oversized connectors on the end of the light cables and connect your $10 cables. Just saying…

Heres and example.


Just got mine. It comes with the wiring harness and switch. It’s a great, high quality set up.

Not that great of a deal. Only saving $15

This seems to be a 2 pack though. :slight_smile: