Rigid Industries D-Series Pro Spot Light

Rigid Industries D-Series Pro Spot Light

Are these light street legal or are they for off road use only?

“Grants unbelievable visibility, with four 15.8W LED lights boasting 1,568 raw lumens”

That’s the equivalent of a single 100-W lightbulb. Literally.

I guess you have never used Rigid lights. They are the smallest in size and usually the brightest and far casting that you can get. The performance does come with a price which is usually more than double the cost of others. At 100.00, These are worth it if you have the need.

Most laws state off-road use only, except if you’re a douche and install 4 sets and a light bar and drive down the Vegas strip with them all lit up, blinding oncoming traffic. Note See last stock photo in marketing ad.
Seriously, check and obey your local laws, and please don’t be a douche if you decide to install LED’s such as these.