RIM Blackberry 7290 Unlocked Wireless Handheld Device


this agaaaaaain :frowning:

Crackberry more like it

Vote for me.




All I’m thinking about:



Oh son of a…

What? No watches? No golf clubs? What’s with this woot-off and its lack of anything non-electronic!

omg!! ancient!!!

Yes it’s unlocked. Pop in a sim card and go :slight_smile:

Pitt loses and no Bubbles on Carpets. I’m going to bed.

Seriously? I don’t think a bag is even in the works here…


sigh I want a BOC before I go to bed! once again, a great device, but I don’t have enough need for it to justify the cost.

this thing is bigger than a freaking tiger paw !!!

get your sleep while you can!

ahhhh man I am goin to bed at 1!

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