Ring Chime or Chime Pro

Ring Chime or Chime Pro

The only difference between them is that Chime Pro also works as a Wi-Fi extender for Ring devices.

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Bought one (pro) when I installed the battery spotlight cameras. Really not great, WiFi signal from 1 foot away would not connect to camera reliably. If it connected it wouldn’t stay connected. A total waste of time and money for me. I love my Ring cameras, but that particular piece of hardware was useless for me. It may work better for you.

I wanted one of each, cant believe i missed this one!

I knew it was refurbished but didn’t know it was still registered to previous owner. In order to install it the previous owner has to remove it. Didn’t expect the hassle to get it installed. Going to return it.

I’m sorry. The Ring team should be able to assist you if you want to try that.

I called Ring, they said it could take several day because they had to contact original owner to have them remove the device. Didn’t want to wait, I’ll buy a new unit.

Blargh. You’d think they’d have a process to release it. I’m very sorry.

No worries, yes you would think they could have handled it better. But it’s also good to know someone can’t steal your Ring products and use them.

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Wow I did not know that, very interesting.