Ring Chime or Chime Pro

Ring Chime or Chime Pro

Tried a Chime Pro last time this was offered. Showed up DOA. Not worth the trouble with Ring trying to figure out why it was not working. 2 hrs on phone to tell me this was dead and to return it. Buy new.


I bought the Chime last time it was on offer… Acted like it was going to set up correctly until the handoff to the network. It never would establish a connection to the network. I got a hold of woot… They sent a replacement. And did not require a return. The Second device they sent out had exactly the same issue. I reached out to ring to see if i had reached a max number of devices or something… Hours of troubleshooting… Including settuping new networks. Ring decided both units were defective. And ring sent out 2 replacements both worked just fine… Although this was handled perfectly from both woot and ring… I would not recommend buying these… Judging by the other comments it looks like woot got a defective batch of both Chime and Chime Pro…

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I can’t understand why they insisted on making this thing a “Wi-Fi range extender”. My network consists of a series of Ubiquiti Access points, the last thing I want is some junk wifi extender clogging it up.

But I would like a little speaker connected to the Ring system to play audible alerts. Does this only play a tone of the doorbell rings? Or will it play a tone when motion is detected? What about the Alarm system? Does it play the chirps?

I already have the Ring Pro hardwired to my existing mechanical door chimes. Will be allow me to install this device lets say in the basement where I don’t hear the bell and it will play a chime when the door bell rings?

Sounds like it as long as you can connect it to Wi-Fi.

Plug Ring Chime into any standard power outlet, and get instant alerts anywhere in your home.

I already have a Chime which has been working flawlessly, getting another because one thing Ring sucks at is making the original doorbell ring properly. The Chime is a must have.

I think they made a mistake coming up with the Chime Pro, who needs a lousy extender that’s going to do a bad job anyway? The chances of you wanting the chime in the same spot as the ideal spot for an extender are pretty remote. What they really needed to come up with is a weatherproof Chime for backyards, that would be useful to a lot more people.

Mine will not connect to the wifi either.

like most of the above mine would not connect to wifi either or to a pro network it went through all the steps and hung up at the end, on the upside after calling ring they replaced it with a new one for free. sort of makes up for the hour with customer service, the replacement works perfectly.

Anyone notice how slow the app loads? By the time the video loads my guest would have already went back to their cars. I have an Android pixel 3a.