Ring Doorbell Pro & Chime Pro Bundle

Ring Doorbell Pro & Chime Pro Bundle

Amazon has just the doorbell pro for $250, then another $50 for the chime pro.

I’m definitely in for 1.

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Let me think about this. Ok, these are brand new, never been used and they come with a 90 day woot warranty. What the hey!!! These items normally have a 1 year warranty. Cut the price and cut the warranty…no thanks. Costco has the Ring Doorbell Pro for $174.99 till 12/24/2018 with a wonderful Costco warranty.

Think of the money you’ll save when you discover that Amazon driver on your recordings… opening your packages!


Damn it… just got the Ring Doorbell 2 from Home Depot, but only after the MotherShip raised the price by $10. :frowning:

This the a good price for the Pro, but…
… be aware the pro doesn’t have a battery and does require being hardwired.
Not to worry, most doorbells are hardwired and you won’t need the battery.

Almost tempted to take my Doorbell 2 back to Home Depot :stuck_out_tongue:

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Well, it sort of does have a battery, but not in the same sense that the other doorbells have batteries. It’s more like a capacitor. The Ring Pro requires you to have a certain voltage/current going to it to operate. That means if your house isn’t pretty new, you may have to try and find the transformer for your doorbell and potentially replace it with one that’s a little stronger. For most people this is fine. In fact I’ve heard from people say that this is the easiest one to install.

Well, my experience is a little different. I have never been able to find the transformer for my doorbell in my house and, I’m guessing as a result, it only runs an endless loop of “Rome wasn’t built in a day” if it’s not getting enough juice. Trust me, that gets quite annoying. So, it’s been useless and since I let it sit in it’s box for a year before messing with it, I’m also out of the warranty period.

For comparison- I can buy these items as a distributor - MY cost is $225.

Is this fairly useless without the yearly “protect” subscription? Not that $30 is a lotta cheddar but when you start adding up other subscriptions for other devices…

I think it’s all a little useless Neighbors App by Ring | Real-Time Crime & Safety Alerts | Ring I checked out the app by ring where people post and it seems like all the posts are about solicitors.

For those who missed this deal and are desperate enough to be reading this message board, Best Buy’s doorbuster deal is the same thing today (Ring Pro plus Chime Pro Bundle). It says the normal price is $299.99, but it’s on sale today (12/14/18) for only $179.99 (even less than the $186.99 that Woot was charging!).

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Oh, and Best Buy gives you a free Echo Dot (3rd Gen) to sweeten the deal even further!

FYI today, 12/15/18, best buy’s price is $199, but still with free echo dot. Wish I would have seen your post earlier though.

Received and installed, very easy to setup!

Ended up becoming unresponsive towards the end of the day, ring will be sending a replacement unit