Ring Spotlight Cam Wired HD Security Camera

Ring Spotlight Cam Wired HD Security Camera

I don’t know Woot! The other day you had Ring 2 Doorbells that retail for about $200 reconditioned for like $75. Today you are pushing the Ring Spotlight Cam that sells for about $200 Reconditioned for $130. To me it feels like this price is about fifty bucks too high.

Mentioning this for a friend that would be a lot more interested if this was closer to the $75 price point bar that you set the other day.


Darn, I just ordered the floodlight cam for $189. I kinda want to return it and get this instead. I already have a flood light anyway. Wish I saw this yesterday!

Can you position the camera or is it fixed, looking straight out and tilted down?

Not a big fan of Ring and the ‘Cloud’. What floodlight cam did you get. Is it ONVIF compatible?


Being careful what you trust the “cloud” with is probably for the best

It is fully positionable, can swivel on the mount. I have one and it works great. Lots of adjustments for trigger zones, etc.

Says plugs into standard power outlets. How long is the cord?

Why should you fear the police looking at your video to help solve a crime, unless you are the criminal?

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Amazon specs say it’s a 20 foot long cord.

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If I already have a ring doorbell and cloud service is there an extra charge for additional devices?

Because we have rights. I’m not a criminal so they don’t get to delve into my personal life without my consent or a warrant.

There are two Ring plans. $30/yr for a single device. $100/yr for unlimited? devices.

Then I suggest not installing one of these. It’s as simple as that. :crazy_face:

I just installed a Ring Doorbell 2 earlier this morning. I bought it on Woot the other day. It’s my first Ring device and so far I think it’s great. Am considering getting additional Ring cameras for other areas around my house.

$3/month or $30/year per device.

$10/month or $100/year for unlimited devices.

Wired is a bit misleading. I thought that I could either use it with the plug or hardwire it and that’s not the case. It should be advertised as Corded because that’s the only way it can be used. And how come all the pictures in the advertisement aren’t showing the cord? Who has an electrical outlet close to a point where a camera needs to go? This is a poor design on Ring’s end unless you’re using it indoors. Outdoors, I would get the hardwired Floodlight—which I did after returning the Spotlight. And, the spotlight doesn’t light up much area. Go with the Floodlight and you won’t be disappointed. Wait until they go on sale for less than $200 and pull the trigger. And why is it that the hardwired Spotlight cam is more expensive than the “Wired” version? You’ve got to think that the 20’ cord costs more than a mounting bracket. There’re just trying to get rid of these Spotlight cams. Don’t be a sucker.

Hi there. Sorry you’re unhappy. The features stated, “Plugs into standard power outlets for non-stop power.”

Feel free to reach out to Woot customer service. From a browser, use the Woot Customer Service form. In the Woot App, choose Account from the bottom navigation and then Support.

I bought two of these, one wouldn’t setup correctly. It would just turn on and the flood lights would stay on constant and never enter the setup mode. I tried the tips I found online with no success. So I called Ring and went through a few things with them and they are replacing the defective one free of charge. Ring support was great and the call went quick. They support agent said the one I was calling on was an older version though. The cords on the two I got were different. One was a round cord with a 3 prong, grounded plug. The one that worked was 2 prong and a flat cord which will be easier to run and hide. The round one felt like it was a heavier gague wire but I can’t really say unless I cut the cord to have a look.

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