Ring Video Doorbell 2

Ring Video Doorbell 2

Went for one of these over the pro, mostly about the transformer. Hope it works out.

Bought it last time, did not work (video wouldn’t show, no alerts), Ring wouldn’t warranty. No cosmetic issues though, and Ring Support renewed the 30 day trial, which was a plus.

So you got a 30 day trial and a non working doorbell? Or did Woot take care of your non-working unit?

They offered to replace/RMA it, or refund it. I haven’t sent it back yet, but I already purchased and installed a new one from Costco that came with a year of their plus plan, which includes a few extras vs the regular plan.

Bought one from here about 2 weeks ago. No issues and it it looks brand new. This and the 200 dollar alarm kit at Costco were the last piece needed to drop home utility costs from close to 400 a month to less that 200.

Please tell me all what you bought to save that $$

Combination of things. A large part of it was Comcast contract expired and voice and home security went from close to free to over 50 bucks a month for each service home security didn’t even include any cameras. Replaced with a magicjack (wanted to keep home phone number) for 40 bucks a year and Ring service (after purchase of doorbell and alarm for 300) for 100 bucks a year. Cut back on channel lineup and switched service from my wife’s name to mine and got a new subscriber rate of 160 a month after all taxes and equipment. I bought my own modem for 75 and will 15 bucks a month from that. Out of pocket cost was a little over 400 and will pay for itself in 2 months. In two years when my contract expires and rates go up it will be even easier to switch it back to my wife’s name now that the leg work is done. Or if Verizon 5g AT&T fiber or Google Fiber expand to my area of Houston I can switch over to that and probably save even more.

Well Done! And thanks for the ideas.