Ring Video Doorbell 2

Ring Video Doorbell 2

How used is used and what makes this used vs refurbished?


If you buy this you still have to purchase another device… correct?

If it is used and I assume initially setup by the previous owner, will the previous owner be able to access and see the feed from this unit using the default credentials or account?

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Does this package also come with the charging cable for the rechargeable battery pack?

The motion detection is trash on these. I wish I had waited for a good deal on the Pro.

Does this unit connect to Alexa?

I bought one last time. Shipped fast, came in retail box with all accessories and looks brand new. It works well, including motion detection, but I did have to use the included wedge to aim the camera lower to avoid detecting passing cars. Notification of motion alerts is kind of slow, but that may be due to my super-slow upload speed. I’m grandfathered in an “economy” internet package with only about 0.38 mbps upload (Ring recommends 2 mbps).


I’ve bought two of these off here and both work extremely well. No signs of wear and tear from any prior owners. For the price on Woot, you can not go wrong!
One of mine is wired through prior door bell and other one runs off the battery.
I highly recommend these at this price!


As long as you have a wireless router you can connect the Ring to it and get video feeds. If you want to review motion detect video history it comes with a 30-day free trial of their Cloud storage service. After that, it’s $3/mo or $30/yr. It does ring your regular doorbell if you wire it to it. By doing it this way you don’t have to recharge any batteries. That’s how I have mine.

The features are enhanced if you have Alexa but it’s not necessary for it to work. Alexa will announce “Someone is at the front door” when they press the button. Also, your smart phone will send you an alert if the doorbell rings or if motion is detected. Again, these are all optional features than can be enabled or disabled in the setup. I turned off the Alexa notification for motion. It alerted me at around 2:00am one night that there was motion at the front door and I don’t necessarily need to know if there’s a deer or something in my front yard.

I bought one of these the last time Woot was selling them. It works pretty well and I’m thinking about getting some Ring cameras for around the outside of the house. The Ring Cloud service is $30/yr for a single device or $100/yr for unlimited number of devices.

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Do not buy this product. In addition to all the common privacy concerns with “smart” devices, amazon has been creating partnerships with police departments, and creating press releases and other marketing wording for the departments to release.

And while Amazon promises that police departments have to request permission from the user to get video feeds from your doorbell (trust corporate promises at your own peril), it is still manipulative and bypasses the normal scrutiny and transparency that police surveillance would need.


do you need to get the Ring Chime? what is that for? Does installing one of these negate the door chime that your old school doorbell use to activate?

For those of you with Ring (or even Nest) doorbells…what is the plan when you move? Are you going to disconnect it or just let it for the next owner?

Personally, I’d remove it. Unless you’re planning on leaving them your router, you’d have to disconnect it from your account, leave them the info on how to hook it up, etc. Probably way more trouble than it’s worth especially since I wouldn’t expect to move for at least another decade and the devices then will probably be much better and easier to setup.

You don’t need the Ring Chime. It will “ring” you’re smart device (phone) when it is pressed or has a motion alert. The chime would be for general use in the house and would replace your door chime. Not sure if it negates your old door chime…You can hook it up to the power from your old doorbell button which means you don’t have to worry about recharging the battery, but not sure if that will ring your old chime or not.

(Mine had an old speaker phone doorbell thing that no longer functions, so I could really even use the doorbell button)

I purchased one of these when it was offered previously. It appeared as though it was brand new. But I have since returned it as I found out unless you “subscribe” to their service that after 30 days it just turns into a very expensive Video Doorbell. If you miss a Ring you can’t go back and see who it was whether friend or foe unless you subscribe.


Amazon uses different terminology than many other companies. They use the term used instead of refurbished. We use their terminology so it will match the box you receive.

These units have been tested and verified internally by Amazon to meet the specified product condition, but may have cosmetic blemishes. The units may be repackaged and sold in a brown box.


I’m more than happy to help the police catch people breaking into homes or doing other crimes. The police do not monitor these cameras and you can turn them off or cover the lens whenever you like.


You should remove your tin hat.


It does connect to the Alexa Show, but whether it works or not is another matter. It really is hit or miss for some reason…mostly miss. When I try to see the front door on my Alexa Show I will get “waiting for Ring.com” message until it times out and goes back to the home screen. If it does connect, there is such a delay that the person ringing the bell is long gone before you can see anything on your Show.

I got a refurbished Ring Doorbell 2 and it was fairly easy to set up. However, I have to constantly fiddle around with the zones for the motion detection. The thing works mostly OK with my phone, but using it with my Ipad or Alexa Show (mentioned above) I just cannot recommend it.

I have a fairly strong wifi signal and my router is only about 15 feet away from the doorbell.

For some reason I got one year of free monitoring when I purchased the doorbell. I also have the Ring Chime and it was a waste of money as it often doesn’t work, disconnects or has a very low volume even at the highest setting.

I have to say having this for Trick or Treat was a lot of fun this year!

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