Ring Video Doorbell 2

I don’t plan on moving anytime soon but I would probably just leave it. Since I have mine wired to the old doorbell it will still work, even if it is not connected wirelessly anywhere. If the new owner wants to get their own Cloud service for it they can easily look up how to do that via a Google search. I would unlink it from my account before I move.

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Yes! I bought one of these about a month ago. All of the Alexa devices will chime when the doorbell rings. I can also have Alexa alert me when it detects motion.

As I was typing this (at work), my phone alerted me to motion and a ring, and I could see the FedEx guy dropping a package off. Too cool!

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I moved in May and left both the Ring and Nest for the new owners. For the Ring, the time and hassle of removing it, buying a new doorbell button, and installing it far outweighed just buying a new one for our new place. But we had to do some extra installation in the first place of an additional box mounted to the siding to get a level surface for the Ring.

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You might want to loosen the chin strap on your tin foil hat.

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$30/year is very expensive?


I got this last time they offered it, it looked new and came with the cable, battery pack and all hardware required to install it.

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does this have removeable batteries?



I bought this (ring doorbell 2) the last time it was on here. I get a tremendous amount of false “motion” alerts and yet when the fedex guy walked directly up to it and set a box in front of it, it missed it in its entirety… tech support blamed the sunlight.

So if you get sunlight where you live, this may not be the best option.

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Really? It seems like privacy is important to this person. I can understand that.

Yep that is your problem

In my area you can voluntarily register that you have cameras on your property. They don’t ask for access or anything like that. They just notate on a map that you have cameras. If a crime is committed in your area they will look at the map and then see if you might be able to help with video footage.

Total waste of time and money! They sold product still linked to previous owner! Can not register it therefore completely useless. Also contacted Ring and they couldnt help. DO NOT BUY. was my first purchase from Woot and likely my last.

Hello. I’m very sorry for the poor experience. Reach out to Woot Customer Service. From a browser, use the Woot Customer Service form. In the Woot App, choose Account from the bottom navigation and then Support.

Bought one of these, it looked new in box to me. Charged the battery up, used the level that came with it and marked the 4 spots in the door, drilled the tiny holes, connected it to wifi, and created an account at Ring for my 30 day eval of cloud storage of videos.
$30/yr for unlimited storage. Seems fair. Been up a couple days, worked perfectly.

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